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That’s madness! My son smashed his first car a month after he got his license and my premium skyrocketed even though I chose the highest excess.
Eventually, I moved insurers due to a lower excess and slightly cheaper premium for both cars, house and household contents.

Time to shop around Spitty!

Evening Minx, before I hit the compare sites I will call the broker, sometimes more can be achieved verbally than on the net.

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you should be hung in a net permanently!! HNY spits!!

Gums, don’t wanna be permanently communicating on the Net, assembled the cash for the super bomber battery but am now questioning the validity of spending £1600.00 on it, I think a juncture may have been arrived at.

Not a lot happening here in this rainy season, had to spend the Battery fund on paying HMRC, such is life, got more quotes for the battery from GB sources but, the components for the build still have to come from China, but, at least there is some control of collecting the completed item, first Super Bomber journey circa April.

Just had a mobile mechanic in this morning to finish the job I started, replacing replacing the Brake Discs, Calipers and Pads all round on the BMW Z3. The Alternator needs replacing next week, won’t be getting my own hands dirty on that one either, then off to the MOT center.

All shiny and new.

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Got a Right problem with my Van, I am the second owner, when the first owner bought it, the supplying dealer wrongly declared to DVLA that it was Diesel not Petrol which it is. The Dealer who supplied it to me said, they would change the status when registering it in my name so, I waited and waited for the new V5 to arrive but, instead got a communication from DVLA stating they needed proof of the fuel status from the manufacturer, so I got in touch with them and they Emailed me form their dedicated mail system what is effectively a Certificate of Conformity showing all the specifications, chassis and engine number which still matches the one on the V5, but, this was not enough for DVLA, they are insisting on only accepting a letter on the manufacturers headed paper that, this is in fact a petrol. Well after three months of this dragging on I had to ask DVLA to send me the V5 as is because, on the database the vehicle was not in my name and was as such maybe committing some sort of offence.
The fact that the Engine Number has remained the same since it rolled of the production line seems to be of no consequence, the latest problem this has caused is sourcing parts etc, I just went onto Halfords site, stuck the Reg in to get some oil and the Van came up as a CDTI Diesel, there organizations and their red tape is crazy!!!

I would sugest going back to the dealer to get it sorted out

I tried that RS but, DVLA will not correspond with them, they don’t consider them an interested party anymore.

You could go down the legal route under the misrepresentation act 1967 ,this may cover goods not as described , against the dealer

I’ll look at that option as I am stuck in an impasse, who in a massive manufacturing organization is going to physically put pen to paper, it needs sorting before I ever consider selling on when the time is right.

Went to the FAF Cosford Air Show on the Leccy Bikes last year and, tried to make our way to the Albrighton Cricket Club, an elevated position where we had observed folks parked up, whilst attending the show from inside the perimeter on previous show years, but, due to historical Air Show crashes, it seems that there is now an exclusion zone for the public as not even pedestrians are allowed down the lanes that lead to this vantage point so, we had to content ourselves with a viewing point in a field entrance that was not very suitable.

This year we are heading for the north of the Airfield so will approach and park the van somewhere on the A5 probably by Weston Park, then get the bikes out and make our way through the lanes, once this weather breaks a bit, I may do a dummy run to make sure we have a good vantage point, I have no problem with the entrance fee for the actual show but, in recent years it has become more of a party in the park than an Air Show

Got to sort out the RIAT viewing as well, we used to base ourselves at Furzey Hill Farm but, for some reason, they seem to have ceased allowing viewing, so, it might be a lengthy Leccy Bike ride there too

Zap this video onto four minutes in and watch what the geezer does

spittie can you show share an email on here and I’ll get in touch and update you on life in general? - my pm’s are not actioned? but I can receive and then strangely reply! shhhh

Don’t think I can message gum, since this site became a PLC I have been somewhat “neutralized”, I have no envelope so, can’t even shout for help anymore. :icon_wink: :boxing_glove:

A bit long in the tooth but I wouldn’t mind nipping around on one of these.2020-italjet-dragster-yellow-philippines-5e9fbb37c4e07

The Kilowatts are Kilowatts, Scooters don’t figure. :icon_wink:

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Ah so you are a killer watt then? alwayhs thought you had a dark past!!

Got to 1200+miles after no January activity.