Planes Bikes and Automobiles

stop ridin on a ladies bike and be a man!

Go get yaself a BSA
it’s the only way to go heh eh heh eh
feel the rumble feel the roar
ya feet will never touch the floor

It’s what the men ride
no need for glens
they hit the tarmac
with pillion hens

Tell me seriously spits does the Sur on make any noise at all or is it a silent beast?

My God, been so busy, a week has slipped by, it isn’t silent, and quite capable of causing Hospitalization. :smiley:

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No weeks are silent in a busy kitchen :+1:

This week, I have to get out, I am chained to the kitchen. :smiley:

Did ten miles on the Saracen today, escaped the Kitchen, its all about balance. :grinning:

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i always try taking the kitchen with me actually ; it saves a lot of bother and I can clean the mud spats off as I go?

Do you have a self propelled Bike to take the Kitchen with you?

no silly billy I have a self propelled kitchen that takes a bike!

planes bikes and bumps adaisy how does your sur on growl? not as good as Triumph Cub??

gummy, why does noise signify something?

blocked bowels??

Saracen has done 900 miles, just potter along now, could go for miles now, wish I had realised that earlier on. :grinning:

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thought you’d gone over to metric system? - pottering along sounds like draggin ya euro tipsy toes?

I remember cursing the Summer weather for trashing the show season with rain and cold, well, what a turn round, supposed to be going to the RIAT at Fairford this weekend, if the prediction of 34 degrees proves right, shan’t be going.

Never went fully Metric gums, there is a flaw in my software, floors are measured in feet and inches.

Went out on a plodding Saracen ride today, had the desired effect, was very cooling. :bike:

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still using the van as major transport mechanism?

It has yet to come into its own, proper gummy, life is getting in the way.

oh so your sur on is registered for normal road use in GB?

getting too hot for cyclin spits?