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Jul 2023

The little WOT4 is now free of blue covering and ready for a final cosmetic sanding and to have a new stabilizer wingtip made.

This is the engine that started it all, an Irvine 46

Time is short, look what was purchased at the show today

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The quick modern version :smile:

wot sup ?

A potted history of the WOT4, Chris Foss designed and manufactured them, he retired and passed the rights on to Ripmax who predictably changed the kit to an ARTF. Ripmax have now gone bump so, this cold be the last one ever!!! :grin:


Keep it in a glass cage and sell it for thousands in 10 years time :+1: :grin:

keep it under your hat

It’ll save on Bin Bags…every flyer’s must haves…

This was the most expensive crash I’ve personally witnessed, blimey, eight years ago what happened there :smile:

Needed a bin trailer not a bin bag

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Managed to merge a bit of work left over from Saturday, and a bit of leisure time this morning so went to the massive park I used to visit as a kid, had to peddle all the way then, them days are gone, done my apprenticeship.

On a bench at one of the lakes

Pedalo anyone?

One of hundreds of trails

High road or low road

Spoilt for Fords

With such flexibillty, why would anyone volunteer to retire?

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oh!! so thats “work”

A bit of work and a bit of Faff, you should be proud!

It seems there are two types of Faffers, domestic Faffers, and outdoor faffers, being the latter one is more dignified. and excusable.

i’m having my cool one sat outside on the lawn, but i still burp and fart, dignified innit

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There were Birds in the park back then

mmmmm suspicious it that…solutions!

Lets make a start on the Fun Fighter

Check that the formers fit the slots and sit flush with the Fuz before going anywhere near it with glue

That goes for the opposite side as well

Glue one side, then wait 24 hours with the formers supported at 90 degrees to the inner fuz

Can’t find any footage yet of last weekends show

Decided to do it in one hit

This is a brand new plane, assembled about three years ago, see the nice red graphic running along the side of the fuselage.

Now the other side, see the yellow graphic

The sun has bleached through the shed window, so now it has to be covered over the existing stripe, we are now boarding out the loft for the planes susceptible to excessive sunlight and temperatures

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