Pit Bull attack

So terribly sad a little boy has been killed by this dog .
What is the matter with people owning such dogs and selling them to other people .
The pit bull is a banned breed in the U.K. but
The pit bull is not really a breed and can be easily bred by crossing a staffer with a mastiff or other large dog .
Bring back dog licences and make owners responsible for their animals .

I do not believe that a pit bull terrier could ever be a fit ‘pet’ for domestic situations.
Some less vicious breed do make ideal pets, but no so a pit bull terrier under any circumstances.

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It’s not the dog. The dog only knows what it’s been taught. Plenty of pit bulls make excellent pets if raised correctly. Any large dog is dangerous according to how it is treated by owner. Sorry, but I personally think that pit bulls and bulldogs in general get a bad wrap that is not their fault. IMHO
In fact the reason you always hear about pit bull attacks is so many wankers raise them to fight. Those are the ones I would like to see put down.


There’s a man round here who encourages his “dog” to pull trees apart. The animal launches itself to the nearest branch and just hang there like a sack of potatoes until the man gives it the ok, then it goes banana’s trying to wrench the branch from the tree. :frowning: Its got a huge leather studded harness and collar, and is so clearly NOT a pet in any shape or form. I don’t know why the police just don’t take it off him.


The dogs or the owners?

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The wankers.


That is just terrible, poor little lad and his poor parents, their hearts must be breaking.

I think all dogs should be licensed and the owners responsible for any harm they do, in this case they should be charged with manslaughter.

And so should those who bred and sold it. Maybe the threat of that would stop others

After all, if that woman who organised the paddle boarding where people died can be charged with manslaughter, why not these people?


It has now emerged that its new owners bought the 15-month-old dog less than two weeks ago, after its previous owners worried it would attack other animals.

An advert for the ‘very large, powerful’ dog which was posted on Facebook on October 29 said the animal ‘unfortunately does not like other dogs’.

‘I’ve tried my best with him, I have other dogs and cannot put them at risk,’ the ad said.

Why would you read this and think this dog was a good fit. It had obvious behavior problems and the ad said so.


Never ever buy a dog from an ad, no matter what breed, unless it’s a puppy & you see it’s parent & siblings.
I would always & did, go to a rescue centre.
No way would I ever buy a pit bull breed or cross either.

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A large dog of any kind I get as a puppy if they are not raised to be social they can be dangerous. Getting a large dog from a shelter, or another owner you really need to know what you’re doing. Have dog handling experience. You don’t buy a dog with existing problems and expect them to magically go away. A dog is like a constant child and need direction and nurturing.

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It’s not the dogs fault
When I lived in the Caribbean where dog fighting is rife there are a lot of pit bulls .
The ones I had dealings with were dear loyal dogs even though they have been abused .
I would not trust them or any dog with a child and while a chihuahua might bite and they do a pit bulls jaws are massive . If they bite you they will seriously hurt you and they will hang on . I dread to think of the trama that little boy suffered and hope that all parties owners past and present are taken to account ,


Well exactly, what sort of fool reads that and thinks “oh, the owner is afraid it will attack her other dogs so I’m sure it will be fine with my kids”?

And if the seller knew the dog was dangerous she should have had it out down, not pass on the danger to someone else

I love dogs but some dog owners are a different matter

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Recent news item on this very sad event, it’s just two hours’ old and a woman has been arrested in connection with this:

A terrible unimaginable tragedy

We personally have a Serious Problem with the Neighbours next door to us.
They have now managed to take on 5 Hunting Dogs…The first two as Puppies…pure Pointers…the owners would soon be showing the neighbours what cute little Puppies they are…
They bark at us and anything that moves very soon with aggression…roared like Lions would…
They were confined to the Garden…never walked outside…but they loved them as coee coee would sort them…
A while later they took on 3 more Rescue Dogs… kind so kind if you live away from anybody else… but how selfish if your not going to take responsibility for your animals… but all Hunting Dogs and as they apparently said we don’twalk dogs…ok this is going to be ending in tears…
Pointers and mixed Pointers…purely need loads and loads of exercise. Three years on they are restricted to a maximum of bark growling at any vehicle that passes by and if any person walking with a dog whilst they are out dares to be doing what surely is natural…they go balistic…hey just a few minutes and they are called in again with treats…so unnatural but quite scary if they do get out or over our raised wire fences…
They say it’s a dog life…
They did say to us amongst many other things…Your’ll have to put up with it…

I am a dog lover but there is nothing worse that Inconsiderate neighbours and their barking dogs .
Keeping dogs in a pack is dangerous unless you are Cesar Milan
The hunting instinct will take over and even usually mild breeds can attack and kill.

I’m 90% sure it is the owners are the problem. We have seen a few here. We had one yesterday. The owner’s dog was aggressive and it got aggressive with a St Bernard (!), a lovely gentle fellow. But the little terrier got right in it its face. That same owner’s dog barked it Max very aggressively. Max just tolerated it.

A tale I mentioned before a long time ago. I had a collie when I was a teenager. Like Max, he was a gentle biddable companion. We went to a neighbour’s house and they had a dog. It was the litter as mine. but is was aggressive and bit me for just stroking it. Perhaps this is one example of how some others don’t understand dogs.