Pictures on our daily walk

On this beautiful day I’ve just been on my daily walk marvelling again at the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Life is good, I’m thankful to be able to say this as sadly not everyone has been so lucky and many have lost their lives. Keep well and stay safe.

I thought it a nice idea to share our photos while we are on our daily walks here some from my walk today


Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

What a pretty place to walk, Queenie. Nice pictures.

(Off topic, but how’s your little dog now)?

Lovely pictures LQ :slight_smile: I just got back from a walk and I think the countryside is looking particularly beautiful this year …

The blossom is just stunning…

Lovely photo’s, LQ.


Thanks for sharing that LQ, really cheered me up.

Guy and I are stuck in, at least we have the garden.

We can watch the deer from the back bedroom window with binoculars, that is as close as we get.

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Lovely photos LQ, I envy you. :smiley:

We haven’t been outside the garden gate for 4 weeks now.

Wow! You watch deer from your back bedroom window, that is amazing, Swim. All I see from mine are houses & yet more houses. All marching down the hill.


Where I live.

The deer are far more common now with the lockdown.

We have otters less than a mile away and the right time of the year you can watch the salmon leaping the weir 5 yards away from where you stand.

You can also look down at them spawning in the local brook.

Lovely pictures ,we go for a little 30 minute walk round the Church yard . It is comforting .

That looks a nice area Queenie, and very similar to our walking spots. I’ll try to take some pics tomorrow to compare notes… :slight_smile:

Good work SG, and good idea. I’m now looking forward to ‘doing’ my daily walk. :smiley:

Super place to live, Swim.

Wildlife is certainly enjoying the quiet at the moment.

I’ll ‘tag’ along with all those who post their daily walk in this thread! :smiley:

Thanks Mupsy.

Kodi is doing ok, he has to go for blood tests again as he had recently been taking steroids for skin irritation and the vet thinks that may have contributed to his liver enzymes being raised so he told me to take him back after a fortnight when the steroids were out of his system.

He’ll be going for them in the next few days. I’m going to ask him to test him for Cushings disease that Muddy mentioned because he has all the symptoms. His belly is still swollen but he doesn’t seem to bad, he just can’t come on long walks now, only short walks because of his heart vet said.

I’ll let you know when I hear back. Thank you for asking.
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glad you enjoyed the photos Swimmy, that was my aim to cheer people up.

Hey, how wonderful you can see deer from your window, get a photo if you can, I love wildlife, not something we see around here.

Just make sure you keep your social distance won’t you :mrgreen: