Pictures from my cruise

Me and “Mrs Graham” went on our first major holiday since Covid on a cruise to Norway for the week. Unfortunately, I had a back injury on route to the ship with my heavy cases and it absolutely poured with rain pretty much the whole time and the ship had to be diverted to another stop because of the weather. So we had a few issues with the trip, but decided not to let things get in the way and make the most of it. Apart from that, this is the P&O liner Iona, which is just over a year old and the biggest in the fleet, with more bars, restaurants, pools, cinemas than you know what to do with. Mrs Graham was more than happy to deplete my money when she found the ship’s shopping centre.

I couldn’t take many pics because of the weather and bad light, so I thought I would share a few I did manage to take.

This is the main swimming pool which doubles as a stage with lighting for various acts they put on.


@Graham Gin Palace comes to mind ?? Not for me lm afraid !!

It does have it’s own Gin distillery and you can buy what it makes, but I don’t drink spirits, so that bit wasn’t for me either.

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In an act of desperation I actually tried to book a cruise over Christmas, went through each step then clicked on “book room” only to be told “No cabins available”. I wrote a very severe email to them complaining about wasting my time.

We have been to Norway twice and well worth doing. The scenery alone is mind blowingly beautiful.

I would agree with realspeed there. I think it is probably the best scenery in the world.

We cruised the Fjords ten years ago - in June. The weather was perfect.

Ooops, I lied I just managed to book a cabin on the Christmas Cruise so I shall be spending Christmas on the ocean wave.

When I was looking at the web site they had a “Flash Sale”.

So while you are sitting in the dark and freezing in your Truss ordered low tax winter I will be enjoying the Pacific Islands in summer :wink: and doubtless drinking like the proverbial fish!

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I just uploaded a video of one of the fjords but won’t post it on here as it is Grahams thread, just to add if possible if think of going choose one or the smaller ships that can get into places larger ships can’t

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That’s what we did. We went on Artemis. I think the smallest of the P&O fleet.

Looks like an enjoyable trip despite the challenges; indeed, it’s all about the adventure! I am always impressed by how well cruises manage the number of passengers, though I confess trying to avoid a large number of people in port. Thank you for sharing!

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