Pictogram quiz 39

Pictogram Is To Follow A Sequence Of Pictures And Try To Come Up With A Well Known Phrase, Movie Or Person

is 1 Algebra which was a complete mystery to me
and 2 vicarage ?

1 Algebra (all i can think 1st pic al jolson 2nd pic ali G 3rd pic simply Bra)
2 Vicarage , Wrong

I need back up

4 all I can see is peninsular at the moment

think you mean 5

1st pic is
2nd pic is
3rd pic is (where is blood carried)
4th pic is

pennsylvania ?

correct well done

phew. sorry.we need some brains here.

ok will try and help with No3 now

1st pic what is missing
2nd pic where would you see a stamp like that
3rd pic is exaclty what it is

2 abdicate

4 sing a rainbow

Thankfully Tezza has arrived.

looks like brains has arrived both correct

singer rain beau

I don’t get the abdicate.

not sure but will try and explain
abbey + eight Abdicate

Um… Tezza did well to get that.

just No3 to guess now i have tried to explain how to get the answer

3 no one important. No one import ant

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Yes,Tezza will tell us now.

And he has.Well done that man.I’m off for my breakfast Thank you very much :slight_smile: