Pictogram quiz 38

Pictogram Is To Follow A Sequence Of Pictures And Try To Come Up With A Well Known Phrase, Movie Or Person

2 Steptoe and son.
3 Brady Bunch.

  1. Super fly guy
  1. Fair weather friends

Hi Everyone

5.Notting Hill carnival

  1. Super fly guy
    2 Steptoe and son.
    4 Fair weather friends

3 correct answers so far

3.Ring a ring of roses ?

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correct just No5 left to guess

i got no idea how you get gate from guy in last picture

5.Notting Hill Carnival


Been a long day :upside_down_face:

well done is correct and finishes this round

guy in pic is a young Val kilmer

Cheers Feey
Cheers Minx

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It has been a long day for me as well.
I’m on a Quiz strike Feey! That’s it for me today

Tata Feey! Cheers