Pictogram quiz 34

Pictogram Is To Follow A Sequence Of Pictures And Try To Come Up With A Well Known Phrase, Movie Or Person

just 3 answers needed

1 six o’clock news.

2.Rocky Balboa

1 six o’clock news. @pauline3 sorry is wrong

  1. The early bird catches the worm?

1 The early bird catches the worm
2.Rocky Balboa

2 correct answers looks like you finding No3 hard

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I think the first word is ‘direct’ but I can’t make the link for the last two pictures

Perhaps someone else can - thanks Feey

i know who the lady is in the 3rd pic but even i f=do no understand how they get the ending come on @Chillie6 do your bit

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  1. Direct debit ?

correct well done Debbie reynolds and i can only assume 00001000 is binary numbers

Cheers Feey!