Pictogram quiz 17

Pictogram Is To Follow A Sequence Of Pictures And Try To Come Up With A Well Known Phrase, Movie Or Person

  1. Charity shield
  1. Anti virus

How many are there?!!

6 I think.

5: tarantula.

there are 5 top 2 side by side is 4 then a long one at the bottom

  1. Charity shield
  2. Anti virus

only 2 guessed correctly

  1. PAC men/man ?
  1. Cat flap
  1. Charity shield
  2. Cat flap
    3 PAC man
    4 Anti virus

correct answers just No5 left to guess

  1. Christina (somebody) ?
  1. Christina Aguilara

(Confession - have never heard of her but “googled” Christina followed by a gill. I suppose the lion represents a roar but haven’t a clue about the shoe thingy)

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is correct well done @Last_Tango and all i also got no idea about the shoes