Pictogram quiz 13

Pictogram Is To Follow A Sequence Of Pictures And Try To Come Up With A Well Known Phrase, Movie Or Person

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1 Cliffhanger.

  1. Tool box
  1. Mel and Kim
  1. Paint stripping
  1. Scary movie?

(Scary Spice)

1 Cliffhanger.
2. Tool box
3 Scary movie
4. Mel and Kim
6. Paint stripper

correct answers just No5 left to guess

1st pic think biscuit 2nd pic no idea what the pic is of so just think of a computer

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Disgestive system?

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5 Digestive system … correct

please tell me how they got system from the 2nd pic cos i have no idea

It looks like an old computer/filing in an attic. Then you said biscuit and I made the link. But I agree. Dumb picture :roll_eyes:

Nice one Minx. :023:

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Actually, it’s @pauline3 who put the idea in my head… she mentioned the other day in another thread that she has her filing cabinets in the loft/attic and it’s nicely set out etc