Piano music Richard Clayderman

anyone remember Richard Clayderman

Oh, I love his music! :049:

Yes, he introduced birds to the pseudo classical scene . :biking_man:

My dad used to refer to his music as ‘Wallpaper Music’ - which is rather unkind.

Gentle music. Maybe I’m get older…

Its gentle music

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Great minds !

pseudo classical ?

He had foresight, could have called it “Woodchip Music”, and folks would have been scrapping the Barrel for ever. :biking_man:

Yes. :biking_man:

I see you are a purist Spitty
How about this dont know who is playing

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Fancyal imagery, and serious music should never be mixed, even if it brings culture to the masses. :biking_man:

The masses should do their homework. :man_pilot:

Last time I heard this was probably 1973, ain’t forgotten it. :biking_man:

or this

Spits never took you for a musical snob :laughing:

There was more at the start, than there will be at the end, can’t comment on the second offering, don’t want to be accused as a Wigot. :biking_man:

Second is from the film Amadeus

Think about it.

I used to remember my dad had the Readers Digest Richard Clayderman 6 LP box set.

Note to myself…
''Next time I’m at dad’s pick up Richard Clayderman boxset ’ :star_struck:

Past tense, your Father still present or not, if not, would not recommend raiding the estate. :biking_man: