Photo of your camera

Her is my latest photographic equipment addition

from the top down
to start with the Gutmann wind sock (deadcat) which covers the
Seinheiser MKE400 microphone which is mounted on the
Panasonic VW-HU1 handle which is bolted to the
Panasonic HC-X1500 camcorder which is attached to the
Manfrotto BeFree live tripod whch has the
Zoom remote control on the handle

Just got to get used to using it now

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So what is your latest bit of photographic gear or the one you use now ? photo please if possible

Going Left to Right.
Lee Big Stopper 10 Stop ND Filter
Nikkor 200mm-500mm Zoom
Tokina 100mm 1:1 Macro/Prime
Nikkor 50mm Prime
Nikkor 10mm-20mm Wide Angle
Nikon D7500
$129.00 video camera
JOILCAN 81” Tripod in back, tripod has a removable leg for monopod. (Reminds me need to invest in tripod spikes.)

My work room looks stark since I put everything in storage in preparation for my trip.

Excited my new laptop arrives tomorrow. It is going to be a camera accessory. I am getting it so I can see my Landscape and Long Exposure shots on the screen as I take them. Instead of depending on the tiny camera screen. I also made sure it would handle editing. I have 2 external 2tb Hard Drives so really not concerned with the small hard drive it comes with.

Made in Birmingham.

Coronet Midget, 16mm filum.


My camera is my phone :iphone:
Nothing extraordinary!

That’s very cool! :+1:

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This is my current favourite go-to camera body; Panasonic GX80

Pictured with wide angle lens.

My old Nikon D40 with a couple of lenses. Still got this gear but haven’t used it in years.

This camera kind of replaced the D40, it’s a Nikon D5300 pictured here with my 85mm lens which I have since sold.

It’s on a monopod strapped to a chair at home, Picture taken with my Canon G7X on tripod operated with my left hand.