Phone chargers and EU standardisation plans …

EU rules to force USB-C chargers for all phones

"Manufacturers will be forced to create a universal charging solution for phones and small electronic devices, under a new rule proposed by the European Commission (EC)."

"The aim is to reduce waste by encouraging consumers to re-use existing chargers when buying a new device.

All smartphones sold in the EU must have USB-C chargers, the proposal said."

Not before time, it should be a good thing for users of all devices, mobile phones, iPads and laptops.
As much as I like Apple devices it’s a real problem when all my devices have different chargers and different cables too. The latest iPhone came without the usual charger, fortunately the new MacBook Pro laptop can be used instead of buying a charger on top of the cost of the iPhone. All I do is to use the cable that came with the iPhone and plug it into one of the four USB ports, as long as the laptop is on it charges very quickly.

Ive got a torch and its got a magnetic charger work brilliant have to agree that it makes sense to use same port/cable

The way technology is going I can see all chargers, as we know them, becoming obsolete in favour of the new way of charging devices, particularly mobile phones. The mobile phone is placed on top of another device which charges without any need to connect a cable to it. I’ve not seen one as yet but family does use them, they are supposed to be very good they say.

Ive got one for my Samsung phone there great As i work in building trade the phone port gets dust and grit in it and soon stops working so I blanked off as well as charging my phone it charges my ear buds

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Yes, I had heard that from family, the younger ones of course as they are always those who get these gadgets first! A dusty or damaged charging port is often given as one reason for charging problems when people ask questions on the Apple forum. Not surprising you have that problem working in the building trade. No idea of the cost of those new type of chargers though, would they compare with the cost of those that Apple sell I wonder? The one I needed for my iPhone would have been £25 ($34.20 US dollars) to buy but as indicated I saved that expense.

got mine free with contract phone Promotion I think yes they are usually about that amount to buy but for me worth it

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Who is moaning about the EU proposal to unify chargers, Apple of course because they say it will stifle innovation whatever that is supposed to mean?

Good idea, my Huawei phone has a USB C socket but it is the only device that does, every thing else I have uses USB Mini.

I do like the idea that the C is not polarised so it can be plugged in either way round and I am looking forward to the day when it replaced all the USB plugs for both ends of the cable.

I think most modern stuff has USB C these days, my phone, ear buds and one tablet does but the rest is a mixture.

It’s a great idea that has a lot of merit, but it has drawbacks too.
So far for example it has resulted in Europeans paying higher prices for their phones because the manufacturers are charging the same retail price without a charger in the box as they did when one was included.

This move has long been overdue. It’s a shame it took so long.

Yep, the EU has been faffing about with this for 10 years and as usual big business rules so nothing was actually done apart from talking.

Most of my IT ‘stuff’ rely on USB ‘B’ connectors and all I use is a lead from the wall sockets which have standard USB charging ports. My last replacement small Nokia mobile wasn’t suppled with a charger and that too has a USB ‘B’ socket in the end for a cable. I also use the USB socket in the back of TV for charging when switched on.
I also have C to B adaptors for when the grandchildren are in need of a boost.

True. One of their protagonists, Ford, had no better idea than to use three-cornered screws just to make life of consumers miserable.

How does the choice of screw/bolt heads make life miserable? There are whole ranges of suitably drivers out there. I can remember my first encounter with Torx Star head, so I nipped out to the local tool factors and bought a set of heads for my socket set. One thing good about metrication, most heads/recesses are now standard.

One set too many. :wink:

That is exactly what my wife would say, but also add … how many MORE tools does one man actually need :astonished::grin:

i would counter that with " how many wardrobes chest of drawers does a woman need?" It seems not enough is the answer. :rofl:

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My way around that particular niggle was to turn one of the spare bedrooms over to her and her wardrobe pmsl.

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Unless its American/Canadian as for some reason still use imperial