Phlox Plants, Query

Earlier in the year I bought some Phlox Plug Plants, when they were big enough I planted them out in a trough tub. Was really chuffed with them it was the first time I’ve had them. What I’m wondering is, do they get lifted and put in the bin or will they come up again next year?



Hiya they are lovely are they scented slightly? they look to be annual phlox which means unlikely to come back but yo never know if you have somewhere to overwinter them give it a go.

You can get perennial (come up every year) phlox they just get left in the ground and split but sually bigger than you may need there mine go up to about 4-5ft now.

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Collect the seed Rox, I don’t think they are perennials.

Actually on saying that, I think phlox are perennial, just had a closer look.

Yes they are perennial, just looked it up.

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There are annual and perennial phlox these look like annuals but good idea collecting the seed who knows

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Depends where you live. We have phlox come up every year. There are many types of phlox. Most of them seed. They are often categorized as biennial meaning they grow every second year but since they seed, you can get them come up every year. For instance Sweet Williams are a type of phlox known as a dianthus plant. It is biennial but comes up every year due to new seedlings.


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Don’t know if this helps any.

But as others have said you could just try to over winter them and/or collect the seeds.