Peter Oborne Absolutely DEMOLISHES Liz Truss

Haven’t watched this yet but it popped up after this video - first couple of minutes make it sound interesting!

I voted Labour once, then spent 30 years in redemption.

But I’d do it again now.


Thanks for that video . Confirmed my thinking ,How can we have faith in the Conservatives now ?

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There is no “we” in Conservatives…only “serv” and “i”

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Wow, this guy took me right back to listening to the Nazi propaganda in WW2.

Looking at him, on line, he seems to just go around naysaying politicians.


Need a glass of wine!


Peter Oborne is a rambling drunk, nobody listens to him unless your stuck in 1974

Just managed to watch this in full and have to say it was brilliant - think most people in the country think the same, this could very well be the death of the tory party!