Perfume smell-alikes

For the ladies who like their perfumes, have a look at this from Martin Lewis.

They did some ‘smell tests’ and found some of the well known very expensive perfumes, had almost identical smell-alikes for a tiny fraction of the cost.

Smellalikes are gross in my opinion .End of . I would never buy for a present either .

That’s interesting Mups :slight_smile: thank you I will look out for a tester for some of them.

I’m not much of a one for smelly’s for myself, Zuleiker.

The website I gave does suggest you buy the cheapies for yourself rather than give as presents.

Martin Lewis reckons some ladies are ‘perfume snobs’ and choose by brand rather than smell.
He reckons they like the expensive brands simply because they are expensive and well known.

I don’t know, because it doesn’t really apply to me, but I still thought his findings quite interesting.

Smell is a funny thing IMO. You can ask three people to smell something and it will smell slightly different to each of them.
Taste is the same, isn’t it. Some of us like the taste of some things which are horrible to someone else.

yes it is, I remember once sitting near a woman at work and she smelled beautiful, I asked her what it was, I went out and bought it (it was expensive!) and it just didn’t smell the same on me :shock: I was so disappointed, I wanted to smell beautiful like that woman.

I wonder whether they would smell alike after a couple of hours. The difference i have found is that cheap equivalents have a grating lingering metallic scent but the real thing still smells of quality oils hours later although the undertone will have changed.

They say that your body chemistry determines whether a scent suits you. I have heard that if you cannot smell it on yourself then it’s right for you. Not sure if that is true but may explain why some folk (male and female) overdo it!

I like Michael Korrs in recent years. I only need a little to feel super glam on a night out. I would not use it on a daily basis.

Annie you’re quite correct in your explanation re the cheapies and the real thing . Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.
Also correct about not being able to smell it on yourself being the guide to the real thing being the one [s] for you.
I know I smell beautiful :smiley:
… because although I can’t smell it on myself I’m always being told so by both women and men , in fact one man asked me what it was because he wanted his wife to smell like that.
A lady packing my bags in Sainsburys once said outright " lovely smell… you’re wearing XXXXX [brand] arn’t you ? She went on to say which [spot on ] and that she’d worked in perfume shops .
I wouldn’t buy from those MSE recommended sites, one of which I did and knew it was a fake straight away but I got my money back.
There’s a way of recognising if they’re fakes by the way if you know how to .:wink:

I think that is quite right Annie.

You’d best tell Martin Lewis that though! :lol:

I might investigate Flowers, I like Daisy but can’t afford it.

Interesting link, thanks.

As others have said, the real test is whether it continues to smell as nice after several hours. I would only really know if I wore it but, at such reasonable prices, it would be worth a punt to buy a bottle to try it.

Well yes, that’s true, Boot.
It may change after a while, or else I suppose it could also vanish altogether after a short time. Who knows.

At least you haven’t lost a fortune to lose if it’s 'orrible. :slight_smile:

I went to Boots last night and I’d seen some perfume called J’Adore advertised, they had a tester so I tried to some, oh my, it smelled beautiful. I wish I could find a smell alike cheaper version as it was £51 for the smallest bottle 30ml . Unless you all care to chip in and buy me some for Christmas, I can start a go fund me page, what do you say? :mrgreen::-p