Peak District photographer captures 'one in a million' rainbow shot

A photographer has captured a “mind-blowing” view of a full double rainbow from a Peak District summit. Danny Shepherd took the photos from Mam Tor in Derbyshire at about 07:50 BST on
Sunday. He described the view over the village of Edale as a “one in a million colour party”, which lasted for about 20 minutes.


Mr Shepherd, who has been taking pictures in the national park for 20 years, said the view from the hilltop was always amazing, but said this was the first time he had seen anything like this.

“I’ve not seen a rainbow cover Mam Tor this way before,” he said. “[It was] pretty mind-blowing actually, to see both ends and it cover Edale. Mam Tor always delivers amazing views at sunrise but this was a first for a complete rainbow above us. I do a lot of Peaks photography so when this happened, I was like a kid in a sweet shop.”

Serendipity … :sunglasses:


I’ve never seen that in England, India (Nilgiri) yes, but not in England.

This is the best one that I’ve captured:


That is so beautiful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rainbow:

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Love that shot Omah, well done! :heart_eyes:

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I do occassionally see the single ones looking seawards but never the double type as in that first shot, not in England.

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Mine was a double (just) but I didn’t capture all of it and the remainder got lost in the edit:


WOW, in that case, I’m doubly impressed with your double for a coastal shot. Actually, when I crank my screen up, I can just make it out :+1:

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What a truly awesome photo :flushed:. I wish I could download it in a larger size to use as my desktop pic!

And yours is pretty impressive too @Omah. Rainbows are so fleeting, so it must be such a sense of achievement to capture one in a scenic location. I’ve only ever managed to capture them in less attractive places, like from my kitchen window, haha!


I would have been too!! Wonderful work!

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What an amazing composition!

It’s so beautiful!

I love rainbows :rainbow:
Always remains me of God’s promise :pray:

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That’s so beautiful :star_struck:

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How magical that is, a once in a lifetime

Yours is a delight to Omah, what a brilliant moment to have captured