Pay at Pump charge

Mastercard, Visa and American Express changed their rules.

Tesco said: “Under new rules implemented by Mastercard, Visa and American Express, we must now request authorisation from your card issuer for up to £99.

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They have probably been ripped off in the past by a few unscrupulous card users Cinders, and we are all having to pay the price. However, recently I’ve been paying for a lot more things with cash including my diesel.

PS: Tesco don’t take American Express cards here for some reason…:017: Not that I would ever have one…

Same here, Foxy.
Everyone knows where they are that way. :023:

:039:…Morning Mupsy…:wink:

Quite right, cut out the middleman and improve your security. No names, addresses, pin numbers, passwords or lists of annoying emails, job done with no comebacks…:023:

We all must ‘Use it, or Lose it’…

One slight problem with that OGF is where can you easily get cash these days? My building society branch closed, the bank branch closed with advice that I could use another branch, that one is further out meaning a 25-mile round trip. Cash machines I don’t much like using for safety reasons, even those are reduced in number. I resorted to getting £50 ‘cash back’ at the supermarket but now I only shop once a month so less opportunity to get cash. Originally this was due to the lockdown, but now I keep to that as mixing with more people means taking more risk.

This news item and the £100 deposit applies only to using the machine at the pump, from what I can understand. All we have to do is walk a few yards and pay at the kiosk to avoid this situation. Good exercise and something to get rid of the weight gained during the lockdown perhaps! :wink: :slight_smile:

I never pay at the pump. For some illogical reason I don’t trust the pump. Anyway, I often buy bits and pieces at the kiosk when I go in.

We always “Pay At Kiosk” at Tesco so we can get the points.

One thing that crossed my mind when I read about this was it would potentially stop those intent on “bilking” i.e. filling up and driving off without paying for the fuel at supermarket fuel stations.

We only ever fill up at unmanned stations because they’re always at least 10 pence per litre cheaper. Pay with our Mastercatd credit card that gives us bonus points on all purchases that we can use for train journeys and hotels. Last time I used the points we got a return rail trip Stockholm to Copenhagen plus three nights at a four star hotel.

Other than the cashier at the kiosk I would reckon 99.9% of our petrol stations are unmanned. Gone are the days when someone actually filled the tank for you and also would inflate the tyres and clean the windscreen. Our fuel is reckoned to be the most expensive in the world anyway, unless anyone knows differently that is? :wink: :slight_smile:

Actually the UK isn’t even in the top ten for the highest price for petrol. You come in seventeenth after several other European countries.

I visit Tesco early morning Baz when it’s practically empty to do our twice weekly shop, they have two free to use cash machines where I draw out the max amount to keep a stash of around £500 at home for use throughout the month.

I think 17th from 167 countries makes it still pretty expensive Ullabi…:shock: And you have got to factor in the cost of living and population…:frowning:

Looking at the cost of living, the UK comes in quite a long way down the list below Sweden

What about population Ullabi? Not so many people in Sweden to cater for with tax.

Also, you might be paying more for the product but considerably less tax, in the UK a greater part of the cost of a litre of fuel is tax.

Yes the population is of course much smaller than in the UK but Sweden ranks regularly as one of the countries with the highest total rate of taxation per capita in the world. Figures for 2019 show that the top marginal tax rate in Sweden was 76% putting us top of the list as opposed to the UK in 16th place at 59%.

We also pay 22% Capital Gains Tax on sales of private residential property. Mum paid around 30 000 pounds for this house in 1978. It’s now valued at around 350 000 pounds. If I sell at that price I will pay 22% Capital Gains Tax on 320 000 punds.

As for petrol, about 70% of the price at the pump is tax.

It looks like the deposit is instantly refunded

"Once you’ve finished filling up, this will be updated and you’ll only be charged for the amount of petrol you bought.

“This should happen almost instantly but occasionally it may take a little longer. If this is the case, please contact your bank

We don’t have a Tesco here and I refuse to queue for hours at Morrisons, I go to a garage and pay at the counter. It may cost me a couple of pence a litre more but worth it particularly as I drive so little that a tank of petrol lasts months.

Bloody hell !
And do you have a royal family to support Ulabi ?
How do they get away with all that taxation. ??
What do you get for that,
Free health?
Free transport?
Free electricity ?
Free water etc! etc ??
I am surprised that the Swedes put up with it ??


Providing there are no technical glitches, as can happen with technology or even human errors.
Then I wonder how long will people have to wait for the balance to be repaid? :wink: :slight_smile:

Yes, we have a royal family which in my opinion could be replaced as I don’t think in this day and age that someone should inherit a position through accident of birth. On the other hand, looking at the USA some of the alternatives aren’t worth shouting about.

Some of the things we get:
Subsidised day care - kindergarden costs max £150 per month with a reduction for second and third child. So we don’t have to rely on grandparents as much as you often do in the UK.
Free school meals for all
480 days state paid maternity leave per child on 80% of your salary. Can be shared by both parents. If you take out five days per week - Monday to Friday then you can be at home with your baby for around 18 months. 660 days if you have twins.
National health care
Subsidised dentalcare for adults
Subsidised prescription medicine for adults
£150 per month child allowance per child
£300 per month student allowance for university or college
Sickness benefit at 80% of your wages
Unemployment benefit at 80% of your wages with a maximum of £2 500 per month

That sounds good Ulabi, but how does it work out in practice?
Who comes out on the benefit side when comparing taxation versus
benefits ? Oh and one thing l forgot, is do you pay VAT ??
WE do at about 15% on most of what we buy !!! This on top of our
33% income tax ,and various hidden taxes !!
And our dental care is barely functional and privately is far too expensive unless you are a film star !!