Panorama Anti social behaviour

This is on BBC 1 now
It’s absolutely horrific .
It shows anti social behaviour in Hemlington Yorkshire .
Poor people who live there .

There is apparently something called a ‘community trigger ‘ which most people have never heard of. Many councils and police forces throughout the country have never heard of it either .
Anyone using the community triggers is suposed to trigger action by the authorities.

Muddy, After reading this, l downloaded it.
Oh my goodness, those poor people. The fear they must suffer. Even more, when their car, caravan and their house is burned down

I’ve recorded this and later . Anti social behaviour is awful I have had my own troubles with neighbours who thank goodness moved out last year .

I would hate to live in an anti social neighbourhood, it can and does make their lives a misery.

Have watched many programmes on the subject.:tired_face::tired_face:

I watched it today and it’s awful, those thugs making peoples lifes a misery . Burning that campervan and then the lovely house . What is to be done . How can we stop this . I mentioned I had problems with anti social neighbours who made me feel very unwell , i was lucky they moved after 3 years it was bad but not this violence .

Why why why

I haven’t seen it, so perhaps I shouldn’t try to comment.
Can’t the police do anything?
Are the police disinterested?

The police seem to have difficulty actually making charges stick even if they catch anyone.

I have come to the conclusion there is little anyone in the police or government can do there are not enough resources . One gang actually told a victim that they run the estate! This is daily and nightly , young thugs smashing into innocent peoples houses burning and attacking . Appaling behaviour .

I had issues as I’ve said and even though I repeatedly reported the anti social behaviour from next door not one other neighbour supported it through fear or laziness nothing was done to stop it except a phone call and a letter which were ignored . It stopped when the vile creatures moved out and rented their house to family members who are better .

What they need is to be taken somewhere and have the **** beaten out of them then perhaps they would think twice .

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One obvious problem is that Treason May decided, for some reason, to drastically reduce the number of our police.
To make matters worse, our courts are now afraid of handing down realistic punishments either due to government diktats or a lack of prison places.

Of course, the yobs and gangs are having a field day… thanks to the government!

The solutions are there. It’s just that nobody in power is willing to take them, as we continue to sink into becoming a third-world country. You don’t hear of such things in places like India, despite them being populated by a majority of very poor people: their police take a very strong hand against criminals like these. They probably don’t even bother taking them to court - much quicker and more effective to give them a good kicking, a taste of their own medicine.

I feel sorry for people living on these poor estates. They can’t afford to move elsewhere and remain under the control of the criminals who control their estates.

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You hear of worse in India !
They gang rape and kill woman there on a huge scale .

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I have lived with anti social behaviour like Susan, but nothing like what she has just explained regarding the programme.

Absolute nightmare, those poor people.

Let’s face it though…if someone couldn’t stand you, what’s stopping them damaging your property…nothing…and some do just that, so I’m very careful how I address people in the street, this is a small neighbourhood, where we recognise many faces and where each other lives.

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With the noticeable absence of police on our streets these days, I have heard that some people are paying private security organisations to do what ‘bobbies on the beat’ used to do.
And who can blame them?

I wonder whether we’ll eventually have a two-tier police service. What we have at present for poor people and something like we used to have when ah wer a lad for those who can afford it!