PANDEMIC ? What Pandemic?

Wimbledon, (full house, no masks)
Wembley,( full house, no masks)
Visiting fans from covid countries ?
Boris decrees pandemic overl!!


Trying to kill us all off I think :102:

Well, the population is getting older so there will be more people of retirement age, some maybe needing extra care so what better way of sorting that problem out! :wink: :slight_smile:

Age UK research lays bare the drastic impact of the pandemic on our older population’s health and morale

[I]"The new research finds that some older people are coping with the pandemic, but a sizeable minority are finding life incredibly tough. Those who are not very well and have long term health conditions were particularly likely to report that this is an extremely challenging time for them.

The study shows that many older people are enduring increased and sometimes devastating levels of anxiety, in part because they know they are at serious risk from the virus – an invisible deadly enemy. Even during the summer, when restrictions were eased, many were too afraid to go out."

Not only that, Baz, but I’m reading a lot of disabled people who relied on care and/or support - even socially, are feeling forgotten now. “Cast aside” one young girl put it. Its such a shame. So unless you are young, fit, and able to work (contribute to society), you are pretty much left to fend for yourself. Only nobody actually says that :shock:

beggars belief doesn’t it.

I’m guessing the figures are going to be HIGH in the next few weeks.

Covid hasn’t gone and isn’t going anywhere.

Yes, I have also read and heard about those who need care and support which is not forthcoming. Living on my own and still doing everything myself, I visualise that could be a problem in the future, simply due to being retired and of an age to be of that status. However, I don’t give in that easily so will just get on with it while able to do so. :wink: :slight_smile:

Good for you! Long may it continue! :hug:


I went to church last Sunday, we were all sitting 6ft apart and had to wear a mask and guess what , no singing allowed , so they just played the music so we tapped feet instead . No water allowed and no tea or coffee afterwards because of restrictions

So all week I’ve watched football fans jumping and screaming in each others faces and Wimbledon sat shoulder to shoulder and yet 20 people couldn’t sing in church or have a glass of water

Now watch the virus go out of control after this sporting week

I’m afraid I just dont understand why one rule for one and another rule for others

That is what I think too Queenie.

And that’s why they have lockdown in Tokyo and probably no spectators at all at the Olympics.

Sensible of Tokyo, I’ll be watching from the safety of my armchair in my home

I thought it was probably just me wondering about these things that seem to be happening in a different world to mine ,but they’re actually not !
What are we supposed to make of it ? I haven’t been anywhere socially nor had anyone in my home ,not taken public transport and yet all this ,correctly described is going on . Do they think because they’ve perhaps some but not all have had two jabs that they’re free to roam ?

Vaccines are working here. Yes there are people infected, yes there are hospitalisations, but going to a game outdoors is no longer high risk. Lots of unvaccinated still exist but they are getting smaller in number.

Yesterday we all mixed more than ever since the pandemic. BBQ with different groups of friends in a different part of the country. Lots of trains and mixing with taxi drivers and hugging and even forgetting our masks in the taxi until someone mentioned it (oops) etc. Today lots more mixing, shops visitors etc.

So if I am ok in the next ten days I can assure you that the vaccine works! One should blinkin well hope it works too!

Exactly that Susan, the contrast is so obvious?
Plus the speed that Boris is opening up is so sudden ?
It makes me think he has just found out how much it is costing ???


A good point Ulabi?
The extreme opposite of UK?
Perhaps we believe in the vaccine but they don’t ??
I am perplexed !!
BTW, how is your eye ? If you don’t mind me asking !!