Pairs quiz say what you see 4

each box contains 2 pictures put them together to come up with one word answer

  1. Sony
  1. Nightfall
  1. Greenfly
  1. Hawkeye
  1. Dolphin
  1. Feedback
  1. Fingerprint
  1. Tearful
  1. Groundnut
  1. Teardrop


Looks like you may be right

Perhaps, but struggled with No. 6 - well done!

sorry 6 is wrong No9 is also wrong

Ouch! Come on, Minx - let’s get our thoughts together.

I’m at a loss LT -perhaps someone else will rescue us


I really do enjoy Feey’s posts but sometimes they really do stretch the imagination.

I sometimes take a break and come back into the thread with a fresh eye…

Good thinking, Batman!