OZEMPIC the weight loss drug and what you think about it

I do not know of anyone personally whom is currently
taking Ozempic. But is has sure become an ongoing
popular topic on Social Media.

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That would put me off for a start.Sensible eating and exercise would be better.


Couldn`t have put it better myself Psmith.



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Got a phone call last night from a friend who lives far
away from me, I don’t see her often and last time in person
was 5 years ago.

She shared with me her interest in starting Ozempic
(via her doctors approval) and that her goal is to lose
80 pounds. She also shared a current photo. I wished
her the best, and that all goes decently for her.

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Just now today reading about some of the negative side effects
of Ozempic, gosh that alone would put me off, but we all are

I have never heard of Ozempic but I would not want to be putting drugs into my body just to lose weight.
My philosophy on weight loss is to stick to the basics - eat less, move more.
If you take in fewer calories than you need for the activity you are doing, your body will convert stored fat to supply the shortfall and you are bound to lose weight.
The journey will teach you better eating habits along the way which is important to maintain the weight loss.
I can’t see how drugs will help in the long term.


Boot, I much agree with your thoughts :wink:

Ozempic is not actually a weight loss drug.

It is a drug for type 2 diabetics for whom oral medication alone is not sufficient.

Weight loss is a side effect - but now that this is well known, non diabetic people are taking it just for weight loss.


Exactly psmith !!

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You have to lose the weight yes
But baring in mind , you then have to maintain the lost weight

So cut down on food , drink plenty of water ,and walk, or exercise, whether its chair exercise, bed exercise, or normal exercise
Whatever our ailments , we can all exercise !

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