Oyster catchers

Sue and I took the grandchildren to Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne this afternoon, these were in the outer harbour about 80 to 100 yards away, Taken with my panasonic compact camera DC-TZ95


They make catching oysters look like a very leisurely pursuit, don’t they? :thinking:


loverly bird, but noisy

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I do like oyster catchers…a very busy bird, and pretty too.

They don’t look very busy to me.

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That’s because its a captured photographic moment, Harbal. :joy: Normally they are quite busy I can assure you - as most birds are. :bird:

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Then they have my apologies, I have clearly done them an injustice. :disappointed:

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I’m sure they will forgive you! When your very existence comes down to pecking for food, I assure you, it takes up all your time :joy:

I see the occasionally oyster catcher, but the most prolific are the turnstones along the shoreline at my location.

should have gone to specsavers if you can’t tell the difference between a still picture and a video :rofl:

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Other optometrists are available :wink::+1:

To what do you refer, my esteemed friend and garden photographer extraordinaire? :thinking:

I think he is telling you that if you can’t tell the difference between a still picture, and a moving one, you really should get your eyesight checked. :woman_shrugging: :dark_sunglasses:

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Oh dear, it sounds like I have been a silly billy. Do you know when I made this error of perception? :thinking:

So one trip to Barnard Castle coming up then :wink::point_right::grin:

Yes, when you said they didn’t look too busy. Oyster catchers need to be seen in real life to assess their busy-ness. It can’t really be ascertained via a photograph. :+1:

So it is RS’s fault for taking a static photograph of moving objects, which I can hardly be blamed for. I could only work with what I was presented with, and those birds looked relaxed to me. If fact, they don’t look as if they could be bothered to catch an oyster if it strolled up and pulled its tongue out at them.

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No no…its about perception. Realspeed caught them at a moment where one was purveying the ground in search of food, and one was perhaps glancing around looking for danger. Because in a birds world, you have to be able to multi task you see. You eat and watch…that is why they look so busy, because they are busy… : :wink:

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But they don’t look busy; they look like they are on their break. :102:

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Harbal, you are still having trouble with this aren’t you? This scene seems to be confusing you somewhat.

This is a moment in time captured very adeptly, by RS. I’m quite sure he has more images to hand, but this one seems to be his best shot. It shows two oyster catchers in repose, for a moment, gathering their thoughts as they proceed along the beach, finding food. You really need to visit a beach at some point, so you can contrast and compare the birds in real life.