Over 50s Say They’ve Become More Daring –Trying Skiing, Skydiving, Marathons, and Even Getting a Tattoo

In a new survey, the over-50s say they are becoming more daring, trying new things like new hobbies and new projects. Some say they are trying more things than they did before. Some say they are ready to take on new challenges at this stage in life. Many say they still feel young, even those over the age of 75.

Some of the hobbies include hang-gliding, writing a book, learning a language.

Here’s the bucket list of some people in the poll.

  1. Travel more
  2. Retire
  3. Make new friends
  4. Pay off the mortgage
  5. Go to more gigs and concerts
  6. Downsize my home
  7. Master a foreign language
  8. Overcome a fear
  9. Move to the countryside
  10. Write a book
  11. Take up yoga
  12. Eat in a Michelin-starred restaurant
  13. Learn a musical instrument
  14. Move abroad
  15. Move to a different city
  16. Upsize my home
  17. Join a gym
  18. Buy my dream car
  19. Take up painting
  20. Start dating again
  21. Climb a mountain
  22. Get a tattoo
  23. Choose a new career
  24. Run a marathon
  25. Learn how to ballroom dance
  26. Buy a motorbike
  27. Get a personal trainer
  28. Do a skydive
  29. Drive on a racetrack
  30. Try surfing

Is there anything on your bucket list that gained importance as you got older?

Good reason for the increase in state pension qualification age, see, folks are instrumental in their own doom. :grin: :icon_wink: :boxing_glove:

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Wouldn’t do the dating thing again :laughing:

I’d very much like to travel around The UK, largely by train, I get itchy feet every time I watch Michael Portillo’s journeys on the box. There’s so much to discover from churches to cathedrals, fishing, hiking, country pubs…the list is endless. I need more years and a much healthier bank account :wink:


I had a tattoo when i was 50,i don`t regret it,but wish i had not bothered,if that makes sense.
As for skiing etc NOOOOOO.

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I’m with you on the skiing, tried it twice, no matter how I persevered I couldn’t master the snow plough thing.
Stopping is essential, no brakes on skis of course.
I’ll stick with cycling .

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I’m prioritising travel.

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I know some you have regretted doing that.Fortunately not fatally.

Mine would be 9 move to the countryside,while it’s till there.

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I suppose that I have done that and been there. A lot of my travels were on business so I was actually paid to do the travelling. And it did allow me to visit quite a few places I might not have been. Edinburgh with the castle, York Minster, St Albans abbey and a few others on the way.


I don’t want to sound old before my time but I read skating, skiing, skydiving and I just think of broken bones.

What’s wrong with knitting and crochet.

That’s the attitude, stop all these increase pension thresholds happening. :icon_wink:

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@spitfire …oh Spitty I love you, you’re so droll.

I suppose I did do that but didn’t consider it daring though and no,the police weren’t after me.

I’ve think I’ve covered most of the things that interested me over the course of 72 years, so now I like to just sit back with a hot mug of Yorkshire tea in my hand, write on the forum, and take life easy. Sample some of the things that I may have missed while rushing off here and there, and didn’t take the time to really notice some of the simple things…

Foxy, don’t start throwing stuff out, just yet. :icon_wink:

Plenty of time left yet Spitty, but I’m beginning to be more of an observer…I’ve done what I can…

Yep Fox, did my shouting long ago, no one was interested or didn’t have viable answers, all ya can do now is chill. :cool:

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Nice post, Mr Fox. I think we all have missed things what we could have enjoyed. I travelled a lot, enjoyed it but it was a fast life it times. I have slowed to a snail pace - and sometimes I look a bit longer at things. I take photographs for a hobby and I can take the time for the moment.

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