Over 50's Club Scotland

Morning May and all who follow.
Started off bright here but dulling down now. Got washing out so need to keep an eye on it.
Can’t believe it’s Saturday you are going Jess thought it was much later.
Our pool has reopened so going to renew my annual subscription. Rox always puts me in the notion for a swim.
Enjoy your day everyone.

Just back in time to bring in the washing as rain is starting,

Jessie the Globe Trotter is off again I see…quite right too Hen…no need to tell You to enjoy Yersel’ as I know You will. :grinning:

Morning, Yes it’s a bit better here today, dry but not nearly so windy. Enjoy your pool while you can Bonnie, I saw in the News today that several pools in Englandshire are closing because of the heating bills. :pleading_face: They are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, if they up their prices then people can’t afford it so stop coming, and the pool closes. :slightly_frowning_face: The pool here is a good bit cooler as they have dropped the temp, it’s blooming Bbbrrrr when you first go in, :cold_face: the jacuzzi’s are not so hot either. :disappointed_relieved: There is talk of closing off one of the Steam Rooms and one of the Saunas to save money. If they put the price up then I know most of us will leave as it will just be too much to afford.
Want to cut the grass, it’s shot up over the past few days, but it’s far too wet…Sigh.

Good morning everybody. Some blue skies here this morning thank goodness. Took my case up to Renfrew yesterday, just hope its not overweight. No swimming for me as the last time I tried it I just went under, good job it was in the pool at the Hotel. Getting my nails done this morning then its housework for me.

Good morning Each,a chilly windy one here but will do a bit of weeding and plant some bizzie lizzies in pots,
Have a good one Folks.x

Morning all. Going up to East Kilbride for some shopping, going to try the Wetherspoons up there for lunch. Think it is the Haystack or Haystook. Should be fine as they are all the same so cheap and cheerful lunch hopefully.
Going to My Daughters tonight for a couple of days as her hubby is away and she works Thurs and Friday. Saves me getting up and busing it there at stupid o’clock in the morning.

Afternoon Each,did quite a bit in the garden,but had to come in for a jumper as the wind’s really cold,

It’s yonks since I was in a Wetherspoons Jean and I don’t think there is one near where I live.
I did like ‘The Camperdown’ in Glasgow which always had a fab’ atmosphere,and the ‘Counting House’ too.

Good evening. May the Camperdown is no longer there, it was knocked to make way for building to Queen street station. Bonnie it makes sense to stay at your daughters, saves you getting up early.

Good evening. Sunny and still got that cold wind out there. Got my eyebrows done this morning, then some housework this afternoon. Just to finish packing and I’m already for the off on Saturday morning.

Evening, Spent the last 2 days working in the garden, too tired afterwards and having early nights.
Weather’s not bad but as that wind dropped I had no excuse to not get into the garden, back’s killing me though. If I wasn’t so tired I’d go to the leisure center and unwind in a hot jacuzzi, will have to do that in the morning though, get the kinks out of me.

No pool for me today after all, got a doggie with an upset tum and I don’t want to leave him alone incase he needs to get outside.
Will take a walk through the woods shortly with him, then just planning to work around the house and garden, AGAIN, with the back door wide open.

Rox hope the hairy one isn’t to bad. Bag packed and a few things to do round here. Will phone for a taxi to get to the bus stop. Adios amigos be back soon xx

Good afternoon Each,started off sunny here but now cloudy & dull,
Cleaned the house from end to end,did some cooking for the freezer,and going to have toast & beans for My lunch,no more cooking for a few days,
Invited to My Daughters Mum in Laws tomorrow for tea,
She’s a good baker so will stuff Myself with cakes & scones no doubt then have to go on starvation rations for the rest of the week!,
I know the reason She’s asked Me is to try and persuade
Me to go on a couple of those coach tours She’s so fond of,but I’ve been there and done that many years ago,can’t say I’m in a hurry to repeat it as We are like chalk and cheese,and the only things We have in common are Our two Children… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Have a good weekend all,xx

Morning, Started out beautiful first thing, no wind and bright sun. Glad I walked The Hairy One then, it was lovely. Cloudy now and getting more than a bit breezy, but got a load of washing out to dry in it.
No cooking for me today as we’re out to dinner tonight, so just faffing about doing this n that at home.
Saw this in the News, was speechless. :slightly_frowning_face: Talk about I’m alright Jack, no worrying about the huge cost of living mess for them.

Good morning Each,another dull cloudy one here, :unamused: wish I was in the sunshine like Jessie,
must get My Passport renewed!
Had a bit of a hectic one yesterday visiting and chatting to
lots of People,need a few quiet days to recover :grinning:
Have a good Sunday Folks,xx

Morning all back home. Waiting for men to arrive to clean my roof. Supposed to be here an hour ago. I am not a good waiter! Lol
They cancelled last week because of heavy rain. Hope they come this time. Lots of moss falling off when it is windy. Have a pile of ironing to do so that should keep me busy.
I have just renewed my passport, May. Took a few weeks. Flying to Derry next month to go on to Donegal don’t know if I would have needed it but wasn’t taking any chances. Thin this one will see me oot lol!

Good morning Each,another mixed bag here weatherwise,sunny one minute cold and cloudy the next,

I don’t think You NEED a passport to visit NI Jean,but best to take it for ID…If You get anywhere near the dear Ould Blarney stone give it a kiss for Me…I need all the help that’s going :laughing:

Wet start here today but starting to clear up a bit. Not got anything planned today as I was out yesterday. Was just intended to be a quiet lunch but as it is my friend’s birthday today we decided to have a wee refreshment in advance to celebrate. So needless to say we had a few! But it was a very nice day.
Enjoy your day everyone. Whatever you are doing.

Morning, Lots and lots of showers here this morning, heavy too, got drenched when I took the dog out.
My back, bum, and top of the leg, is giving me gip today, hoping to hell I’m not heading for a sciatica flare up. Will maybe head back to the leisure center later for a long soak in the jacuzzi, that usually loosens up the muscles. Failing that it will be a trip to the Chiropractor again… Sigh, it never ends. :sob:
Have a nice day ladies.

Good afternoon Each,wind/sun/rain/…I won’t be surprised if
We get hail & snow next!..Had the washing out on the line
for 20 min’s…now indoors on the clotheshorse.

Hope You get some relief with Your pain Rox,sciatica’s
so debilitating,x

Hope You don’t have a hangover Bonnie,I remember those
days well, :grimacing: :dizzy_face: