Oven Ready Brexit


A New hiccup.

The Lugano Convention.

| huge loss of revenue to the UK because Boris and Frost did not include it in their deal.

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It’s not “new” in that the UK applied in April 2020 and at the time presumably understood that being allowed to join wasn’t certain (that’s why you apply).
As for the “hiccup”, well that affects EU countries just the same as it affects us.
Oh, and what about the rest of the world … which of course also doesn’t use the Lugarno Convention?
We and they all seem to manage.

Please explain this alleged “huge loss of revenue”?
What loss and where from please?


Read the link, there are plenty of others as well.

We are out because of Brexit, there was no need for this to happen, Boris and Frost should have included it in the Deal.

No Convention, London loses out on EU Disputes, when before Brexit London did most of them.

Many of us know already that you don’t much care for Brexit.
Or Boris, or Patel, or indeed the government, or your neighbours, and undoubtedly many more other things too.
But regarding Brexit, as a nation that’s what we voted for and that is why we’re out of the EU.
It was made perfectly clear even before the vote that there would be consequences to leaving the club.
Get used to it because it’s not going to change any time soon.

I read your link and it says a sum total of nowt about your supposed “huge loss of revenue”.
In other words you made it up.
What it does say is in effect that lawyers could have a whale of a time earning money as they thrash out disputes.
So much for your “losing out on EU disputes” assumption then.
It says " the persistence of this uncertain situation will continue damaging businesses and individuals on both sides of the Channel" which, given the UK’s trade is already decreasing with the EU, really only means that yet again the EU are in effect shooting themselves in the foot by further discouraging trade.

Again: we and every other country on Earth manage quite nicely without The Lugano Convention.


I do care for Brexit, I voted for it.

It cost me a lot of money, no more lodgers.

It was the right thing to do.

What was not right was Boris and his lies and him accepting a worse deal than May was prepared to accept.