Outraged Brits working three jobs slam Tory minister as they share harsh reality

  • This woman is so out of touch with real people, its disgusting. Even the fact that people are working 3 jobs in the first place is shocking…most jobs these days only offer less than 16 hours a week, so how about the Tories get employers to return to a 9-5 working week with decent pay? Nobody can look after a family while rushing between 3 different jobs.
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Many people are on 0 contract hours . And I agree full time is hard to find . If a single parent works 16 hrs plus they will get working tax credit to help them which can top them up if the wages are minimum wage which I believe is now £9.15 . But if there are two parents and both working part time then I can see that the other parent should take on another Job to be working full time . This can be done , I worked 3 jobs for years .

18hrs per week main job
8 hrs per week second job
12 hrs per week 3rd job

It was hard and I was always tired but it was necessary


Zero contract hours are another thing that is lauded by the Tories. This system is banned in most European countries, but over here it is “marketed” as a freedom of choice style of working :roll_eyes:

I know so many youngsters who are working any number of different jobs, whilst also doing time at training schools, etc., such that their every day, weekends and all, are full up.

It has, I think, always been this way, for most of us.

There is no money tree.

You have to go and earn it.

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In America working more than one job is accepted as normal. There’s no reason why the same should not be the case. As for working hours, an employer is not a charity and can and should require that the surprisingly large “loaded labour rate” has to be exceeded by the added value that the employee brings plus a %age profit. If people can’t afford the standard of living that they want then either cut down on their expectations or get another job/increase the value they bring to an employer.

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I understand having more than one job is acceptable and normal. But usually its done by choice and to increase your regular income. These days, people are working 3 jobs, getting tax credits and STILL don’t have enough money to live on and pay their bills/feed their family! And if it was that easy to simply get a better job…we would all be doing it already.

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I don’t know everybody’s circumstances, but many of us have seen this all before.

When wars & other major events come along, we all get less for doing more.

There’s plenty more hardship to come.

Don’t you think in this day and age, we have seen enough hardship though? Just for a change, wouldn’t it be nice to have some plain sailing? (Idyllic nonsense idea I know, but still…!)

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Maybe an answer is to go self employed? I can only speak for ourselves. Working for others brings in a wage but not enough to save with generally ,the harder you work the more money into employers pocket. Self employed the difference is the harder you work the more money into your pocket. Not easy to go it alone but well worth the effort having done it ourselves
one of the strangest jobs I came across is oven cleaning for self employed

Yes it’s a good idea, RS…and one that I have thought about too. The thing is with going self employed, is that it takes years to build a successful business from scratch, and at the moment, I’m not sure people have that margin of time…or the money to buy an ongoing business.

So cut down expectations or cut down living standards or more likely both.

That oven cleaning idea came from someone who did our old one the previous owners didn’t bother with. in the end we got a new one. So all you need is the chemicals etc and a few leaflets through front doors

And insurance. That can be a very big cost.

But why, Todger? people have worked all their lives to have a decent life for themselves and their families, and yet are being plunged back into pre-war poverty. Young families are struggling to do their best for their children and are being failed left right and centre by a government that pulls the rug out from under them. It just isn’t fair that everyone has to make changes that negatively impact their lives, because of the crass incompetent government! :frowning_face:


Wonder what the going rate is, or does it depend on the cleaning time? Interesting idea though!

We will know when the squeeze is proper on, when the airport departure lounge is empty.

Do you mean in general, with going self employed, or in particular using chemicals to clean things with? I daresay there would be plenty of PPE to go with that!

Funny how that hasn’t happened yet, eh? :airplane:

Fair? Life isn’t fair. It’s a dog eat dog world. Live with it. That might sound hard or trite but it’s how it is.

Hrmph! You and your harsh reality check! :roll_eyes: :joy: