Out of Town with Jack Hargreaves

Do you remember the old TV programme ‘Out of town’ with Jack Hargreaves?

It is being shown every Monday evening at 6 - 30 on the Talking Pictures channel, Freeview 82


Brilliant, thanks for the tip off. I used to especially enjoy the episodes when he went fishing. To this day I still use a technique of his for catching perch. He also used to have a series for kids ’ Country Boy’ way back when but my memory is a little hazy regarding that one.

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I used to work with a guy who knew Jack Hargreaves and he always said he was was a grumpy old so and so - I always suspect he just didn’t suffer fools gladly and the guy I worked with was a definite fool and I used to get grumpy with him too…


Loads of him on you tube too.
Don’t make tv like this anymore!


I’ve seen comments that he’s not quite the wise old countryman that he makes out to be, and most of it is an act
Still, it’s peasant enough if you just take it at face value


The one I saw was interesting, about his noisy donkey Yerro and the vet who performed the operation to make him quieter.

I remember Jonny Morris
A sweet old countryman


Animal Magic, the way he’d give all those different animals endearing personality traits and amusing voices.

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