Our street in the news this afternoon

There was a lot of commotion on our street this afternoon and when John looked out there were police, ambulances, fire brigades and goodness knows what else. Even the air ambulance was dispatched.

Apparently a man having a barbecue has accidently doused himself in barbecue fluid and set fire to himself.

I do hope the man will be ok.

The comments on the news thread has sickened me. I am disgusted at the people I have living in my vicinity at the vileness these people spout when someone has been badly injured. Yes he may have been drunk and careless but is that even a reason to be so nasty. I can’t stand to know there are so many vile people with vile minds and I just cannot comprehend their mindset.

The local news even made a joke of it!!

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Oh dear, hope the man is OK.

I do hope the man is OK or at least too badly hurl.
But why so many ambulances for one man? Is there something we don’t know?

I have to say, it’s a mystery why so many resources came out.

Oh my God, that sounds awful, poor fellow. I hope he’ll be OK.

Good grief Queenie - I hope the poor man is OK.

I can’t comment on pommie BBQ techniques but I am still surprised to see house after house identical to the ones next door, it is very rare here.

To be fair I shouldn’t be so surprised because I lived for a couple of years on a council estate where every house was identical but I have got used to suburbs here where it is very rare to even see a similar house in the same area.

My house isn’t council but if it was at least it would mean we had a roof over our heads


No, I am not suggesting that it is only council houses that look the same, I gave that as a reason why I shouldn’t be surprised. I don’t know if it is just a British thing to build rows of identical houses or whether it is more widespread but it is rare to see it here.

Please don’t be so touchy it was just a comment not a criticism.

You are quite right @Bruce we Brits do bland very well. I used to deliver to building sites erecting hundreds of houses which pretty much looked identical to each other. But a quick Google and I see that Australian new housing estates are equally identical.

is this the incidebnt @LionQueen i think i found the video of it

Speaking generally we don’t have housing estates but land sales where people buy a block on a land release and build on it themselves, estates are rare.

Having said that there is one estate near me where a developer did built rows of town houses with a few the same (more like terrace houses) but it is not common. You certainly wouldn’t get anything like the picture above, as I say estates are rare.

Yes, on the Estate, the houses were pretty identical, the differences showed by what was or wasn’t abandoned on the front garden.

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Plenty came up when I Googled housing estates and various Australian cities in fact in Sidney there are quite a few.


That is the name of the game nowadays.

If explosion, gas and burns are mentioned in the 999 Call it triggers a response automatically.

There is no point in delaying the response until the person who is making the call is rational.

The responders have been fiercely criticised in the past for not responding quickly enough with resources.

Two fire engines because gas involved, cylinders may need to be cooled to protect others.

Police and specialist firearms vehicle in case it is terrorist related.

Ordinary police in case neighbouring properties need to be evacuated.

Paramedics, the Hazardous Area team, will be there as well as fast response burns people.

Better safe than sorry, the Emergency Services have quite properly been criticised in the past for not responding quickly enough.


Of course there are, Sydney is an expanding city of 5 million people, there are house and land packages where an area is built with 3 to 5 styles of houses by a single developer but none the less that is not how most Australians buy their houses.

if you google “estates” that is what you get, try googling “new land releases” or look at realestate.com.au

This was in Tasmania, and three years ago.

Sadly these incidents are common.

Blimey looks like a major incident…hope he is OK.

The air ambulance for my area/region is a common sight for us as it lands on The Green to our frontage if needed to collect V urgent patients brought to The Green by standard road ambulance. The police always arrive first by a few minutes to clear the ground of any people and then then aircraft lands :+1: The Green is chosen as it’s the only open ground available in our built up coastal area without too many trees; what trees do exist are only on the ground’s perimeter.

Sorry Bruce, I did get a bit defensive there didn’t I.