Our new Community Stadium

Took ‘them’ ages to build it - and then we went in lockdown because of the plague - so I had not been up there until recently. Yesterday - meeting with my Personal Exercise Planner - was my second visit. Being as I am always early for appoinments I had time for a good look round. Inside there are three swimming pools, a well equipped gymnasium, library, climbing wall, party rooms, cafe, you name it it is up there!

The NHS have an outpatients suite for doing blood tests and an Eye Clinic specifically for treating Macular Degeneration.

Outside - Footbal/Rugby pitches, Althletic grounds, Tennis/squash/badminton courts.
Adventure playground for children - and a large picnic area.

It is really impressive and is sponsored by LNER Railways and the City Council. Best thing is - those of us who have been GP referred are allowed concessionary rates for membership.

It is also right next door to a new Cinema - but - the ticket prices are extortionate.

stadium 1

stadium 2

stadium 3

stadium 4

stadium 6

stadium map


Looks like a good place for oldies to hang out. :+1:

Looks amazing Tabbs where is this ?

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A pity that John Lewis went to the wall though Tabs…
I’m having to shop exclusively at M&S now with the occasional visit to the Lacoste shop at the outlet.

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About a mile up the road from me - outskirts of York.

Lots there for every age group, d00d. Children love it.

York City football team play there now and the Black Knights Team which may be Rugby - not sure.