I just shaved my underarms using Tonys razor. I’ve never used it before but I thought I’d borrow it for the quickest.

I wish I hadn’t! it practically pulled the hairs out by the root and has left me with a terrible sore rash!

I’m going out tonight to a special ‘do’ and now I won’t even be able to wear deodorant because of this soreness.

Wish I’d stuck to my usual method - shaving cream & safety disposable razor.

More haste - less speed!! :cry:

Ooo nasty Carol. Put a bit of talc on, baby talc if you have it. Although even that could sting.

Oh dear Carol, you must be sore, as Tessa says, put some Talc on. I’m lucky I don’t have to shave any more, my hair on my underarms and legs don’t grow any more.

My hair doesn’t grow there any more either, nor down below. Tiz my age.

I think the razor you used Carol was blunt. Painful, do hope it’s not so sore now.

It was an electric razor.

Eh!!..You crazy Woman :surprised:…an electric razor may be fine for Your legs…but nowhere else.:lol:…thank goodness I too don’t have to shave underarms or legs any more.

That’s why I don’t use an electric razor, it tends to pull the hairs on my neck and cause a rash, OK on my chin but not on the softer parts.

Carol, just put a bit of cream on your underarm and use a Bic Razor Blade, that’s what I always done.


Was it the one with the three heads that spin around? A philishave or something?

I made that mistake as a teenager


Carol, I feel for you.

I cannot use an electric shaver and I am definitely a man.

Those antiseptic wipes are good instead of deodorant if you have anything like this. You can just take a few in your handbag and use them if you feel unfresh.

OOPS, I’m blushing. I think I’ve just come in through the wrong door. I’m looking for rugby league not err, not mmm, most definitely not about where err, oh, please excuse me ladies. This is so embarrassing. Can’t find the door now. Got my eyes closed. …OUCH.

Aloe Vera gel is good for soothing sore skin Carol and it smells nice!