One just for Rhian!

@Rhian - you have such a lovely sense of humour I thought you might like this:-



Nice one @SilverTabby Tabs!
Doniol iawn :grin::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::joy:


Rhian I was just going through some old stuff from my schooldays and thought this might be of interest in view of your location.

And what I wrote to win this:-
The Welsh

There is a people who sing

Singly and in masses;

By broken mountain streams,

In the black brilliance of a mine,

In Chapel and in Pub.

Alien countries hear

Their lyrical lilt give

Melody to gutteral tongues.

The best, the worst, they are there,

Producing saint and sinner.

The generations gone,

The present, those to come,

Linked by the music of the singing people.

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@Ciderman - A well deserved win, Ciderman, the poem is lovely. What was the prize? Obviously a book - but which?

The book prize was Ogden Nash’s “Versus”. I opened at a random page for this:
Drink deep to Uncle Uglug,
That early heroic human.
The first to eat an oyster,
The first to marry a woman.

God’s curse on him who murmers
As the banquet waxes moister.
Had only he eaten the woman
Had only he married the oyster!

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not as I understand poetry if that is what it is supposed to be

Well done for you Serious Verse @Ciderman!