One for Minx - Bianca Buitendag

Hey Minx. Did you see your Bianca Buitendag in the surfing this morning?.. She knocked Stephanie Gilmore outof of the comp. Steph is 7 times world champion. She has “goddess” status in Australia. So Bianca,s effort is worthy of some hearty congratulations seeing that she isn,t even on the world tour. :slight_smile:

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Hey Keezoy!

Wowee! What an upset! Isn’t that something hey :cool:
I guess Steph gave the wrong wave away!

Awesome result for SA! I told you we have the best surfing in the world. Epic result since it’s the first time that surfing is in the Olympics. Let’s see what happens next!

Ah man, it’s a cold winters day and I am going to spend the day missing summer spent at the beach:-(

Thanks for acknowledging this win Keezoy.
As a country, we need all the good news we can get right now :hug:

Enjoy watching the Olympics :smiley: