Onboard Egyptian river boat

Sorry about poor quality
this was out River Nile trip and one of the silly entertaiknments. He is a Nubian and didn’t pull me out as he saw i was videoing. the guy in the white trouses was horse from shouting out on a camal ride

Needless to say being with those girls and others was fun

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Well, it does look fun and they were all good sports but I hate those things where they drag you up myself, too shy!

I’d have loved watching the dancers, though :man_dancing:

yes these people were out for a good time they were from south America i think. that was on the way to the Aswan Damn.
Going back they left the boat and what a difference, the most miserable greedy group of religious people you could wish to meet.
For example first meal time they rushed through the dining room doors, messed up all the food laid out and tried to sit anywhere. OH no they were stopped big time. The head chef was a big guy you wouldn’t mess with.
next time they crowded around the dining room doors waiting to rush in and got stopped, Sue and I and another English couple at the back he waved us in and shut the doors on this rabble until we had been served.
We got on well with him and the cooks, for example breakfast on the way up to the Damn all the food like bacon eggs beans etc were in heated bowls on the counter. Now me typically had to see a funny side being a pratt. As the servers could not speak English everything in sign language such as pointing to and how many using the hand. So along goes me and get to the guy serving the eggs, everyone else held up one or two fingers and they understood. Not me, ooh no. me being me held up both hand all 10 fingers , the poor guy looked shocked until he saw me laughing my head off. From then on we got special treatment such as Sue having a cake made especially for her. This big guy spent a lot of time making sure we had everything we wanted.

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A few manners can get you a long way, that’s why they treated you well

The way people behave in hotels at meal times, especially at serve yourself buffets can be so gross! :nauseated_face:

there is hope for your ladies still

note the very few miserable lot that stopped to watch on the way back
had to drag this girl out to dance with her

you can’t park there

on the River Nile