On the bus, a whole new world!

Yea, I don’t argue with buses! Anyway, if I was travelling in one I’d be much concerned at the line of cars not letting the bus out!

After waiting a short time, most bus drivers here will start creeping out into the line of traffic until someone has to give way.

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Isn’t that the law anyway? it is in NSW, buses in built up areas have priority and our laws are usually based on European ideas.

Priority for buses

“Other vehicle drivers should give way to a bus displaying the give way sign in a built up area, when the bus is about to enter or proceed in the lane or line of traffic, and the bus is in front of the driver.”

I always let buses, lorries and vans pull out these days now I’m retired. After all, those guys are working and I’m not. I bet the drivers behind me are pulling their hair out…


…and they have a timetable to try and stick to.

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Have I done this already? Max was quite comfortable with the Bus and the driver was OK with that. And people were friendly even with the big dog. We haven’t tried with the small dog yet.

In UK, there is no legal requirement for drivers to give way to buses but the Highway Code states that drivers should give priority to buses, coaches and trams when they can do so safely, especially when they signal to pull away from stops.

I treat the Highway Code as a set of rules to be followed, whether the rule is backed up by separate legislation or not.

I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks an increase in the number of people wearing masks on the buses.

All those bank robbers and burglars going home after work?

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Maree, you’re making it sound so fun, I’m thinking about it. I’ve never considered it before. I don’t even know where the bus stop is. My guess is it’s pretty far, which is why I never considered it. But thanks for the fun story.

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No probs, do you know where the Buck Stops?

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