On My Bike (poem)

Tomorrow I will set off on my bike.

I don’t yet know the road that I will take.

I’m free to go most anywhere I like.

I may well turn up somewhere by mistake.

That sometimes happens when there is no plan.

You tend to end up some place you don’t know.

I navigate the best way that I can,

but never know quite where I want to go.

Which ever road I take, I always find

I wish I’d took another one instead.

It’s hard when you cannot make up your mind,

directions become muddled in your head.

So Tomorrow when I’m due to make a start,

I’ll wonder if it’s really worth the fuss.

And when the time comes for me to depart,

I know I’ll change my mind and take the bus. :oncoming_bus:


If your journey brings you over here - give me a call!

I certainly will, Tabby, but I won’t be coming by bike; it’s a little bit too far for my old legs. :001:


Haha very good :023:

I kinda like letting life taking you on a bit of a journey - you never know where you’ll end up :003:

Yes I would want to be warned if he was coming my way too.
(only joking)

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If ya fancy a Hike
But can’t be arrsed
Get on yer Bike
But mind the cars
Ain’t no need
For a Destination
Just don’t Speed
Past the population
Just don’t Cycle
Because of Spite
Just feel Freedom
Not contrite.


Good grief, Spitty, you are on form today!

I will defend my Bikes to the death. :biking_man:

So we’ve noticed! :+1:

Good, deaf ears have been there for a lifetime. :grinning: