OMG and Other Amazing Things

I was thinking how much better life is these days compared with when I was young. Things that used to be slightly pleasing have now become awesome, and things that wouldn’t have even raised an eyebrow are suddenly amazing. :icon_eek:

Back in the 70s it took a Star Man waiting in the sky to blow our minds; nowadays a bit of extra chocolate dust on top of frothy coffee is enough to do it. People always hankered after fancy cars and posh houses, but they weren’t worth dying for in the old days. :oncoming_automobile: :house_with_garden:

Going back even further to my parents’ generation, people quite often threw an OMG into the conversation, but they would only be referring to their giddy aunt, whereas now it takes no less than God himself to express the same sentiment. :older_woman:


You just “Woked” up, Harbal?

That’s quite good.You are a legend probably even the GOAT !

late 50’s and early 60’s Kennards of Croydon there arcade was just thrilling to myself and my sibling. Donkey Rides Fun Fair Stalls filled with toys and gifts and everything glittered…My late Dad on Sundays taking us swimming at the Croydon Swimming Baths with what seemed a strange area to the front, but when older I understood it was a Sauna and Baths for Washing.

Of course Kennards is gone,but I still yearn for those two feelings
Today though,I am pleased overall with what I have just achieved…today so far, digging out an area that is hard work with lots of stones and weeds and then planting up with cuttings that I have grown from other plants around the garden… now I have more colour ok more weediing, yuk on that…but looking forward now to my planned lunch…
Life is better from where I sit…The bigger picture though outside of my safe World, I feel is a whole can of worms…


Di, I simply adore you


You always share the most interesting stories and anecdotes! I must say Thank you for taking the time to do that!

Enjoy your lunch!


Lovely thoughts Harbal. Thanks for sharing. What Star Man would you be referring too?

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Thank you Harbal


OK Minx… but I do own one of the many rose tinted specs.guess you do also… :eyeglasses: :+1:


Yes, :023:more than more pair but, I’m realistic

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@Harbal I would say life is easier now but is it actually better?

When we had less and had lower expectations, were we happier with the things we did get? I would say so, these days many of us can have pretty much anything we want at any time but doesn’t that take many of the pleasures away, the elation we used to feel when we finally got some simple thing that we had yearned for?

Yes, life is easier and better in a multitude of ways, but I miss the joy that many of the simple pleasures used to bring as a child.


There was meant to be a certain amount of irony in my post, Barry. :001:

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I loved going to kennards arcade
There was a man with a real Shetland pony at the bottom giving rides .
Then half way up there was muffin the mule and Silver .
What joy!


The Child is till in us Barry, but it is of a different age now, and so pleasures are bound to have changed also, does not mean we can’t be thrilled with things, I
also seriously think it depends what your gauging it to…

…I still could eat a whole bag of jelly babies to myself, and feel no guilt at not sharing them… :innocent:

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awesome :slight_smile:

Once upon a time something might have just been, “a good idea”. Now it’s “an incredibly brilliant idea”, although for the life of me I cannot see this quantum leap of an improvement myself.

No, but it sounds like an improvement, Fruitcake. :001:

I walked into a specialist waiting room the other week there were half a dozen other our age and they looked up smiled and greeted me which I thought was rather nice then all just looked down again and started messing around with their large mobile phones - even hubbie and wives ignored each other. I don’t have one and would never want one - too intrusive. it got down to two of us and then amazingly we started talking to each other in that old fashioned way - he was Indigenous and I knew the area well so we had plenty to talk about then he went into to see the specialist and then was gone. I felt rather sad about it all really - communication at our age and doing exactly what our 16 yr old grand kids are doing - the mind boggles - in fact talking in the waiting room would have been considered a distraction - I give up!@!

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