Olivia Newton John

Has died .
She had been ill a long time

Yes, saw this earlier.

Such a beautiful lovely talented lady, who can forget her in grease, sewn into that costume, rip Olivia…

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Gosh that is sad news. :frowning_face:


I hadn’t realised she was ill.
No age. So sad, lovely lady xx

They’re dropping like flies. First Judith Durham now Olivia Newton John.

That’s sad. Poor woman.
RIP Olivier.

Such an icon, a legend of my childhood. I couldn’t believe the news because to me she is forever young.

Very sad :slightly_frowning_face:

Such a horrible film - I am certain there must be better ways to remember her. She was very talented. R.I.P. Olvia.

It was very sad to read that Olivia N John has died,
She seemed such a lovely genuine and gifted lady.

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Part of my wild young and free days, only just turned 21 when it came out .

I was so sad to hear that Olivia Newton-John had died.
She tried so hard to beat the cancer and never made a big fuss about it.
She always looked so beautiful even when she was suffering so much.

Rest In Peace Olivia, you were a wonderful, talented and iconic woman. xx


Such a shame - another pop icon lost, following on the heels of Judith Durham.

RIP Olivia

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The end of an era, she was so full of joy, God bless

can you imagine the party they are all having now - Olivia ; marilyn and Judith??

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So sad…but what a life…she really lived it didnt she

RIP Olivia