Old Bank Statements

I’m wondering how to dispose of my old bank statements, credit card statements, and similar documents?

I’ve had a tidy out recently and have accumulated bags of them going back months, probably years

I had a shredder but that packed up soon after I bought it
I’m very reluctant to put them in the rubbish, either paper recycling or general rubbish, because of identity theft and fraud, so what now?

It was easier when we had open fires, but you don’t see many of those now -
Any suggestions would be appreciated

[B]i put mine through the shredder then into the garden compost heap

Buy another shredder, Zulu, or a garden burner thingy - those metal dustbin looking things with a little chimney on top.

I would only ever either cross-shred, or burn.

I always use a shredder for any paperwork.

Our council won’t take shredded paper in the recycle bins, so all financial statements are burned in one of “those metal dustbin looking things with a little chimney on top.” :smiley:

Oh stoppit you.

You know what I meant. :slight_smile:

Certainly. A brazier. Not one of those under-garments you wimmin wear, but something for burning stuff in. Hmm… I suppose you could burn a bra in it. :smiley:

Put all your statements into washing up bowl pour on hot water and a squirt of washing up liquid , allow to soak for 5 mins , squelch together like papier mache . No one could read it after that lot . Cheaper and easier than a shredder

Edited to add

Tear and RIP paper while soaking

Shred or burn any financial/confidential information. And, tell your bank to stop killing trees and send electronic statements if they haven’t done so already.

Right, I think I’ve got the answer, it’s a variation on SUSAN M’s
I phoned a friend who also lives in a flat without a garden or an open fire
This is what he does -

When you’ve finished the washing up, tear the pages into small pieces and put them into the water
Let them soak for a while and swish them around till they’ve broken up into a thin porridge or slurry
Then pour it down the toilet

If you’ve built up a collection you’ll have to work through the backlog, but once you’re up to date you only need to do it once a month, if that

I’ve just tried it, and it looks like it works fine

You’ll probably block your toilet…:shock:

I don;t see why it should, it’s a very thin slurry, much less substantial then the usual material

Blimey Zulu, I’d be frightened of blocking the sewer pipes. :shock:

That similar to what I do :slight_smile: but I put them in a bucket and leave the mush for a few days then put it on the compost heap.

And it can be thrown at any passing traffic wardens. :lol:

There are companies that specialise in destroying documents. No idea how much it costs though.

Always burn them ,without fail .
Shredders are not that reliable TBH

Shredder for me, its a cross cut too. A friend used to use the paper for his animals cages, but now they get put in the paper recycle bag after they’re shredded.

I bought a Fellows shredder about 6 months ago. It stopped working just before Christmas so I took it back for a refund. I’m now looking round for a different make/model.

I’ve got this little Swordfish cross cutter one, Percy.
There are more expensive ones that do loads of sheets at a time, but for my personal use, this 6 x sheet one is fine.
It will go through credit cards and staples as well.
I am pleased enough with it.