Oil protests

They’re at it again!

I’ve just been watching a young ‘terrorist’ on GBNews trying to justify her, and her friends’, fears for the planet due to our use of oil, finishing off her words by ending up in tears!

Once again, the police and authorities are just ignoring them and allowing them to prevent transportation and distribution of oil.
One of the interviewers on the news mentioned that his old grandma, like so many others throughout the country, will end up shivering due to lack of fuel due to these people trying to make themselves feel better.

If it’s not one thing with these ‘put the world to right’ activists, it’s another.

The police can’t really act on the basis of what implications their actions would have for somebody’s old grandma. If the law is being broken, they should act, if it isn’t being broken, they can’t act.


I agree with JBR, this a nonsense on a day when many elderly and vulnerable are facing unpayable costs.

Targeting Politicians and Government offices is fine by me, targeting all and sundry is not.

The Police do have the powers, very simply, behaviour likely to cause a breach of the Peace.

They should deal with these idiots.


Well what exactly are the “idiots” doing, and what is the police justification for not dealing with it? I’m trying to be outraged by the situation, but it is difficult without knowing who to be angry with, and why. :017:

Why don’t the company complain to the police that a group of people are deliberately preventing them from going about their legal business and that if there’s is any kind of emergency requiring them to vacate the premises it could rapidly become a dangerous situation considering what is stored there. :man_shrugging:t2:


Why can’t the companies tell their gate house staff to turn fire hoses on to the protesters?


It’s tempting to ask that question when it’s a protest you don’t agree with, but what if it were a protest you supported?

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A good question. I don’t know for sure.

Where’s the Taliban when we need 'em?

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of protesters I would love to see blasted with water, but once it becomes okay to do that, it becomes okay for someone to do it to you. :grimacing:

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Oh, they can’t possibly do that. Unlike the rest of us, these protesters have those ‘human rights’ things.

So when was the last time you had a fire hose turned on you?

Just a bunch of conspiracy theorists given too much air time on the media.

You have to respect anyone who feels strongly about something, especially in old age.

This is not totally relevant to todays proceedings.

How old were they?

Probably the right thing to do Spitty, but for the wrong reasons.

Too little, Too late.

You could try our draconian laws.

The NSW Parliament has just passed tough new punishments for protesters the state government says wish to wreak “economic chaos” on Sydney.

Under legislation that cleared both houses this week, people could be fined up to $22,000 and/or jailed for a maximum of two years for protesting illegally on public roads, rail lines, tunnels, bridges and industrial estates.

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It’s a shame that your government isn’t running our country. I know that they’d make a better job of it than our lot.

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You are not comparing like for like.