Oh No . . . Big Brother

they may as well make as much money as they can, it usually doesn’t last so why not, I would too except I wouldn’t bare me boobies though :stuck_out_tongue: I can plant me nipples, I doubt anyone wants to see that hahaha x

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Apparently spoon fed drivel is popular with the younger generations but I’d rather stick pins in my eyes.

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I understand tassels can enhance the look!! :laughing:

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It sounds like many are against programmes like Big Brother and that’s their choice.
Equally, l wouldn’t watch any of the Soaps that l find a load of drivel and it amazes me that some people actually believe they are real life!!

Here you are Susan. Just looked it up for you.

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Wasn’t he the chap who had all that hideous facial surgery, Art?
Didn’t he die some while back?

Mups, Yes Pete Burns did have an awful face due to, too much surgery and he died at a young age.
I found him to be a wonderful speaker with a massive vocabulary. I could have listened to him for hours and not be bored. He was very witty and talked a lot of sense too.

Seems he died at 57, I just read. Heart attack I think.
Why ever did he do this to himself though . . .

He was a troubled man.
Actually, he doesn’t look so bad in that pic! His lips were worse than that when he was on Big Brother.

Pure Brain Rot!
I’d rather chew wasps :honeybee:


I’m the same as you, Boot.
But as you say, these programmes must be popular to keep running them.

The write up did say the new Big Brother host is unlikely to be Davina McCall this time, as quoted below:

“They want a cool figure who is going to hook in the younger viewers the reboot is likely to appeal to.”

The first few episodes were interesting as a psychological experiment,

Then the ‘makers’ engineered fights and bed hopping, bought in the most trashy celebrities they could find and reduced it to a complete waste of air time.

As I no longer own a TV - it won’t bother me at all if they bring it back.

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I’ve thought of one.It’s set in the jungle and called “I’m a nonentity,keep me in here!”


Yes ST it was a social experiment and nasty nick was one of the first contestants who was outed for cheating by writing notes . A lovely guy won who I believe gave away his money prize to help a family in need . It was intersting .

I agree it’s trashy TV and I don’t know why I love it , many years ago in the days back when it was an experiment I wanted to go in and take part .

I think I must live a boring life but I do enjoy it .


I saw her the other day on long lost family she looked old and tired she used to always look so healthy .

Nice one - though no-one would ever think of you as a nonentity, Smiffy.

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Thank god for the off button.

Right on! We’ve never, ever watched a full episode of this brain-rotting waste of TV time.


Couldn`t have put it better myself Percy_Vere.

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I dont think my brain has rotted to be fair …or perhaps it has. I’m same as Susan I like trashy TV lol.