Some years ago I used to collect for the RSPB door to door, properly sanctioned of course. I put envelopes through doors near where I lived & then went back to collect them a few days later.
Knocked on this particular door & a woman opened it, she was holding by it’s very solid & strong collar this huge dog. She saw what I was there for & let go of the dog & turned to get the envelope. Dog & I eyed one another. I nearly wet myself, then it leaped at me put it’s paws on my shoulders & licked my face.:shock:
I managed to get it to sit & petted it. Such a daft soppy mutt.:lol:
I think it was a Rottweiler, looked like one, but I thought bigger.
Woman gave me the envelope & got the dog in by grabbing it’s collar & then I left. At that time I had never seen a dog like that. Sure gave me a fright too.:lol:

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Rottweilers are lovely dogs - not sure I would allow one to lick my face though!

I didn’t have much choice with half a ton of dog paws on my shoulders. Nearly fell backwards, it was so sudden.:lol:

Oooh! I think I would have backed away quickly saying I would come by another time! :shock: If anyone comes to my door, I put the dog in the kitchen…but hey, there could have been reasons why she didn’t do that of course. Heck of a fright though Tiffany!

I think she was distracted by the fact she was looking for the envelope. The dog was very friendly.:lol:

What a nice story.
Dogs are great.

then it leaped at me put it’s paws on my shoulders & licked my face

Lucky it didn’t knock you over Tiffany :slight_smile:

I would have been apprehensive as well Tiffany :slight_smile:

I think Rotties are lovely dogs! They have just been given a bad rap!
When I walk my dogs, people steer clear of my Mally cross - he’s big but an older dog now. He enjoys bullying his best friend and sidekick my Jack Russell but I usually intervene.

I used to have one it was a lovely dog scared the pants of visitors though . It was gentle but it bayed like the hound of the Baskervilles.

Bit of a fright there Tiff I think I might have legged it…have to admit I’m not at ease with big dogs

Thanks, Bratti.

It nearly did, Meg.

I was terrified at first, but I don’t think the woman would have let go if the dog was going to savage me.:lol:

This one had a bay too, it stopped when she opened the door.:slight_smile:

I really didn’t know what to do & it all happened so quickly.:slight_smile: