Oh dear, seems I forgot to pay a toll bill

Received an SMS stating I owe $5.83 toll bill and it must be paid by 9th January.
Funny that. The last time I was on a toll road would have been circa 1995 when I drove on the North–South Expressway Northern Route in Malaysia.

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Sadly this “game” is much more prevalent than we’d care to believe.

Some years ago I received one such “B.S.” toll bill , complete with image of me supposedly on my motorcycle.

I rang them and thankfully found myself speaking to someone reasonable.

I explained that I found this supposed toll very annoying and time wasting aside from being completely false, and explained that unlike what their BS photo showed I was in reality flat on my back in hospital after major surgery and that made it more than a little difficult to be out riding my motorcycle.

The person I spoke to was quite good and said she would have it deleted and dismissed. Never heard any more about it so seems she did what she said.

SADLY however these false revenue raisers are far too common from what I’ve heard, which makes me wonder how many do bother to check as the letter received is often quite some time after the supposed event which only adds to the confusion.

Also make sure the supposed toll bill actually comes from the relevant Authority.

Our Transport Dept has a certain ‘notoriety’? for other related errors too. Doesn’t exactly inspire faith nor confidence in an authority that demands we be so correct in our behaviours.

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I also wonder how many people simply pay the bill without question. Imagine what it will be like going forward. So many scams, one will have to reduce their lifestyle/activities so as not to even be considered for the bills being sent.