Not heard any fireworks at all

Usually let off days before the 5th, not seen any on sale either. Putting a time limit on their sale in retail outlets a good idea, for those who buy them for nuisance purposes.

Our local council always hold two displays on the 5th north & south of the borough. This year it’s going the be lights & lasers. Times they are a changin’

I am happy that fireworks without a permit are illegal in NSW. My kids never had them so they don’t miss them.

must admit theres not been that many let off around me, :smiley:

Quite a few going off in Newport on Wednesday evening when I was at the rugby and there have been some going off here in Cwmbran.

It’s been unusually quiet here although no doubt that’s down to the weather.

Not heard a peep, which is unusual. Firework displays have definitely been taking place around here, but not so much heard a single banger go off. That said, the weather has been atrocious and nearly every display has been a soaking mudbath - which is the reason we decided to give it a miss this year.

I have not heard them either.
Down to the cost of living maybe,it is better for the environment anyway.

I would sooner the public couldn’t get their hands on the damn things at all. :rage:


I dislike fireworks and couldn’t care less if they were banned . I hear nowadays laser displays are the thing and I like that idea .

A few years back the local pub gave a display , something happened and people were burnt by a rocket that went off course. Children and families there , I wasn’t but it was awful.

I’m hearing them now, making up for lost time I think :boom::sparkler:

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there was lots going off last night , the village display is tomorrow night ,hopefully that will be the last …

Loads here and quite to close. Our little dog is terrified.

Heard a neighbour letting off a few fireworks this evening, although as soon as I look out through the curtains they stop, so have not actually seen any at all this year so far as weather has also been too wet. Usually I can look over the rooftops and see quite splendid displays from the local schools.

I thought WWIII had broken out tonight. It was incredibly loud. There are some neighbours a few doors down, who have a big firework party every year at Guy Fawkes and NYE.

I noticed this year that despite the racket their fireworks were not so spectacular, well they looked a bit cheaper. There’s a definite difference between posh and standard fireworks. That shimmying lingering slow motion cloud of sparkling diamonds vs the more common red and green brief starbursts. Cost of living or have firework prices increased? In previous years it has been a super professional display. They seemed to have quite a few children there who were delighted with the whole event nonetheless and there were squeals of joy and much clapping and cheering by the adults.


This is a simple code we can all follow to reduce the negative impact fireworks may have on others.

  • Be mindful – think about the impact fireworks can have on people (and animals) nearby
  • Go to planned public fireworks displays - rather than set off fireworks at home
  • Give neighbours advance warning – it can be as simple as a message on a local WhatsApp or Facebook group. If you are having fireworks at home this gives those near you the chance to create a coping strategy
  • Go silent - consider using the new generation of ‘silent’ fireworks
  • Give support - if you think someone has been affected by fireworks, make them as relaxed and as comfortable as possible and encourage them to reach out for professional help(Get Help and Support: Help for Heroes - Empowering Veterans | Help For Heroes).
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It’s still very quiet around here, let’s see what happens on new year’s eve at midnight.

It has started again from 5-pm and will probably will continue until midnight…

Never heard of silent fireworks before.

Although I suppose I wouldn’t really!

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There is a funfair and fireworks display at the Community Centre. Fireworks are going off as I write. It’s only a couple of roads away and our Close has cars parked nose to tail but it’s only once a year and for a few hours, so I don’t mind.

Edit: Just took this photo. As seen from our garden…