No computer panic here

I just turned on my desktop computer and it said fan failure. To be honest I am not surprised ,although it is actually on the desk, the usual problem is dust. I had years ago replaced the casing fans with silent running ones far better than original. this computer actually has 5 fans to keep it as cool as possible . So off with the side casing and used a rocket blower to blow out all the dust and in never fails to amaze how much gets collected inside. Job done now to check fan speed by restarting and holding down the DEL button.
now in the BIOS settings shows 2 fan case speeds/ CPU speed and running temperature

not bad for a 9/10 year old computer

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Such care and dedication is how it has lasted so long, RS, well done. Most people don’t even clean their keyboard, never mind their fans!

That’s really old for a PC. What OS does it run on? Can you still safely use it for all the things you want to do or are there limitations?

It runs on windows 10 now a I upgraded the OS as well as many other parts. It is a self build with my sons help. Parts I have upgraded is the RAM -graphics card- sound card- fans -750w PU from 350w so the PU is not overloaded, also SSD and HD internally plus 1 extrnl SSD and one extrnl HD. just can’t have enough for backups
easy to do when you self build. What I can’t do is go to Windows11
The monitor as well is now 4K from 1080p the old one is still under the desk put away.

Still got the old windows XP disc and the windows 7 professional ones > I don’t seem to throw out “just in case”
also still have the original spec ordered from Scan computers

The reason why I was asking is that mine is almost eight years old and still runs smoothly on 8.1. An upgrade to W10, which is theoretically possible, would only defer the problem. Like in your case, W11 would not be possible nor will I be able to use it with W8 for trading and banking as of next year. That’s why I’m going to replace it soon.

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