No Christmas lorries

Every year we had the Coco cola advert with the little boy watching. This to me was the start of the Xmas time? What has happened it is not Christmas without the advert

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No Chistmas is fine by me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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To me the popularity of those lorries shows how naff Christmas has become.

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I don’t know anyone who drinks coca cola as a Christmas tradition. Yes you might have kids around the table who want it but it’s not really up there with mulled wine and snowballs.

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But kids really look forward to Christmas even if you don’t.

On the rare occasion that I forget myself and use the word “lorry” instead of truck my kids look at me as if I am one snag short of a BBQ. Lorry is just not a word out here. Imagine what it sounds like as a new word, very odd.

It sounds odd to me now ,and I had sixty years of using it.

Shortage of drivers…?:grinning:

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No, they won’t get out of bed now for less than £50.00 per hour. :icon_wink:

Maybe they do, but I was expressing my feelings, not theirs. :slightly_smiling_face:

They use truck in parts of the UK. I always think truck means a pick up truck.

Didn’t CocoCola invent Xmas as we know it?

A man in red with a white beard an all that.


No they just capitalize on it better than anyone but, Budweiser. I mean it wouldn’t be Christmas without the Budweiser Clydesdales.

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Happy Holidays ?

The Americans do make it difficult for us to like them sometimes.


That’s a ute.

Ah hum! I used to Annie, it tastes nicer than beer.
Back in the day when I was a runner I attended my mums retirement party at some hall. Because I was driving people home I drank nothing but coca cola the whole night long.
Being Sunday the next day I turned out for my usual 20 mile training run…I broke my personal record by some margin, and in later races I would load up with coca cola the night before. The benefit was unbelievable!
Did I ever tell you about my jam sandwich revelation?

You’re making this up surely?

Coca cola is addictive stuff. I worked with a hyper chap who used to drink a litre of it for breakfast. (not advisable).

Ok so what did you see in the jam and is this Elvis related? :wink: :grin:

Did it involve a Police car?


I didn’t get addicted to it Annie, just resorting to a can/bottle or two the night before a big race.
I’ll post my experience with jam sandwiches in ‘Bobs Bits’ tomorrow. It’s getting past my bedtime and my eyes are feeling heavy…Goodnight for now… :zzz: