Nine-year-old boy given huge shock after bumping into PUMA in school toilet

  • and this is why I never use public toilets! You just never know…:joy:
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I am pleased they didn’t kill it.



She’s not happy, is she … :scream_cat:

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Glad the boy is ok. That looked pretty scary.

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Well its the face of someone being disturbed while in the bathroom! A pretty common response, I would have thought :joy:

Yes, I’m surprised the poor lad had the guts to go get his father. I would have dropped on the spot if I found something like that hiding behind the door! :scream:

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Me too @Aerolor I would hope it doesn’t return though.

Im so pleased the puma wasnt killed… I expect it was as frightened as the child … thank goodness it didnt attack and both child and cat survived

It could just be a case of vestiphobia (very subtle joke)

My visiting sister in law from the UK refused to use the toilets at a rest stop because the council had stenciled this sign outside.