Nigel Molesworth - anybody remember him?

Does anybody remember this young lad? An English schoolboy named Nigel Molesworth. We had quite a few of our own Aussie schoolboy heros but this guy was one of the top shelf characters in my childhood. His world weary humour, hilariously cynical view of school life and ridiculous spelling kept us rolling around the floor in fits and still does. My family members and I still send each other emails in “Molesworthspeak” . He was an institution that will live in us for life. Try to find the books if you can. You will not regret it. :lol:

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Not heard of him, keezoy, but it sounds like I missed a treat. Just looked on ‘Amazon’ there seems to be quite a few copies available - including the one in your picture. Will order one - just for fun!

Oh yeah !..Those guys are the same pair that did St Trinians. Another classic.

That takes me back. I used to read those back in the day - may have to brush up on them to relive my lost youth. I was also a fan of the Jennings tales, also set in a private school. (Must have had aspirations above my station). :slight_smile: