Nigel Benn "Fern Britton Meets"

Wondering whether anyone watched this fabulous interview yesterday morning. I’ve rarely seen such a frank, fascinating and ultimately uplifting interview. Nigel Benn the boxer we used to see on tv all the time in the 80s/early 90s, the tough guy opened up to Fern and it was gripping. From his troubled teens (after the death of his brother) to a spell in the army which he admits saved his life, to discovering boxing while in the army, to becoming a champion boxer, one of the best of his era. Then a downward spiral after the fight with McClellan (which led to McClellan’s life changing injuries) to a time at which he reach such a low point he nearly lost everything. He then found God and that saved his marriage and his sanity. If anyone find it difficult to understand faith and how it gives people the strength to deal with the lowest points of their lives you should watch this.

He said God led him back to being the person he was created to be. People saw him as the tough guy, very formidable in the ring but inside he was weak and afraid. Truly inspiring programme & really worth watching whatever you think of having a faith.