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Thought this may be of interest…

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Yep, we’ll have some of that, but I’ll believe the £300 when I see it! :wink:

Can’t read that without subscribing for some reason.

I read about that guy taking master card to court a couple of years ago, had forgotten about it…I wouldn’t turn my nose up at £300…

Heard about this years ago but understood there are so many claimants involved the payout will be minimal.

But …

Will we have to apply for a “refund” or will the payment be automatic … :?:

I had to claim for my HSBC PPI overpayment but Credit Card Sentinel sent me a cheque out of the blue … :!:

Not sure yet. I had to apply for both PPI and Sentinel but was successful with both. Didn’t feel guilty at all as it was originally my money! If I have to apply for this too I won’t hesitate to be there again as it’s money that was taken from me. :smiley:

Yeah! I worked it out 14 billion by 46 million is £304.78 per person. that will do nicely. :mrgreen:

:022: We’ve never paid over the odds when using a c/c so we don’t qualify.

Yes you should Percy. Mastercard charged extra illegal fees to the shops from 1992 to 2008, who in turn passed it on to the customer by way of pricing the goods. So you would not have been any the wiser except for accepting the price you paid for the goods. So join the queue of 46 million customers with their hands out for £300. :mrgreen:

But … until the end of 1997 we were living in Italy and we always paid cash over there. Even when we returned home we rarely used our c/c preferring to use cheques and /or debit cards. I’ll look into applying though.