Nice easy Olympics viewing

Its nice to have an Olympics in the same time zone. Tokyo is one hour behind Sydney . Dont have to stay up. Havent seen much comment here. No never mind for me. Are people into it.? Im a sport nut so i am.

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Yes Keezoy we do! Just a bit later than you but we can live with that! :slight_smile:

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Great. Best of luck to mighty NZ. ! And maybe just a little more for us :)…

They have just started, haven’t they? I’ll definitely watch them and am looking forward to them. Due to the time difference I hope they’ll offer a roundup at a convenient time in the evening as I don’t watch TV during the day.

I am afraid I have little interest in sport, I have to keep up with the results of the NRL because of my son and grandkids.

Occasionally there is something which sparks my interest like Torville and Dean at the winter Olympics so long ago or even Cathy Freeman at the 2000 Games but generally it just washes past me, the brief reports on the ABC evening news will tell me all I need to know.

Though I might listen to Roy and HG at 3pm on the radio.

Nothing like watching a Crazy Date, Battered Sav and Hello Boys in the gymnastics.

Oh yes I almost forgot, I watched the whole of Steven Bradbury’s gold medal race.

“The further he gets back the sillier they look”

Yes Bruce i know where youre going with that. Just had Bludging on Blindside and now its a bit of golden nostalgia. It wouldnt be an Olympics with out Roy and HG.

I love sports but prefer the highlights unless it’s an important event.

Enjoy watching keezoy

Yes,I like to watch.These are the best at what they do.

My cousin’s daughter won a Bronze with Canada football in 2012,this time she’s one of the coaches for England.And next week they play Canada.That will be interesting for someone :slight_smile:

The athletics and the swimming are the favourites in this house.

Oh dear! Bit of a disaster with the Football Ferns playing USA. 6-1 that’s embarrassing! Better play them at rugby 7’s. :slight_smile:

4x100 women gold and world record :slight_smile:

I have to share this :smiley:

I am getting confused by the swimmers McKeown and McKeon the latter is a local Wollongong girl the former from Tassie.

Nonetheless, well done girls, whatever your name.

I see we took Silver in the Women’s surfing with the US winning Gold :frowning:
I see an Aussie guy took Bronze for the Men’s surfing.

I’m so glad surfing is now officially an Olympic sport. My Dad would have loved it! Miss the surf, the sea, the sand and catching a great wave - those were the good old days.

I am looking forward to the weight lifting.

Brilliant! Really funny Minx. :lol::lol::lol:


Not the best viewing here in the UK. It’s on Tv early morning and late at night but I understand that an American channel bought the rights to everything so our live viewing is limited.

Looking forward to the women’s naked cycling on Thursday.

We are 8 hours behind and the live viewing starts in the wee small hours.

PS Check you PMs, Ciderman.